Stylish failed to backup more than 50 styles

When I tried to "backup all installed", but there's only the "download Failed - Network error" added to chrome download bar, It's quite annoying that I cannot backup.

But finally I found after I added the 50th style, the backup began to not work. And then even if I deleted some styles to make styles less than 50, it still doesn't work.

I wanted to fix the bug by myself but I found the version of chrome extension version is 2.0.8, while the version on github is only 2.0.3 and without the backup feature.

So I can only make an issue here to let you developers know.
Hope you can fix the bug quickly.



  • same problem
  • The devs are no longer actively involved in the forum, so any bug reports regarding the Stylish extension or this website should be sent to them directly at
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