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Would it be possible to customize which sites this style effects? I have a couple other styles that I prefer for Gmail, Calendar, Contacts, and Voice and this style conflicts with them. I'd for this style to not be applied to those sites.


  • Hello,
    I wanted to add support for Google Voice, unfortunately I'm getting "Could not create Google Voice " error... I don't know why. Maybe it's not available in my country.

    Main rule in my code is: "support every Google site except gmail and hangouts", so Voice was supported too. I've excluded it.

    Gmail was almost not affected by style (specially because it has inbuilt Dark Theme and... I found nice theme on userstyles :)). I found very minor issue with affecting navbar, but now is fixed.

    Unfortunately I am not able to add posibility which styles will be applied or not, doesn't allow for that. I can create multiple themes, every one for every site but it'll be very complicated for you (and me) to update it all. Also they share a

    Most of my theme is modular. If you open style settings in Stylus/Stylish, make a copy of style my style (or my updates will overwrite your changes). Just "Export" and then "Import" for new theme.

    Then search in a code that:
    and click button to remove sections. It'll drop (almost) entire support for certain site.

    And it the bottom of the code, in the last section you may see:

    Change it to:

    In simplification, in that rule, in the brackets every |xyz means "not support that site".

    I hope everything is clear. Have a nice day.
  • One way you could make the sites customizable is by adding
    to every piece of code at the appropriate location within the RegEx

    Then you can set up variables either within the css which the user could comment out in Code Section 1:
    :root{ --var1: calendar; --var2: contacts; /*--var3: mail;*/ etc }

    or on the userstyles site by using variables that can be enabled/disabled where when it is enabled the variable would equal /*calendar|*/ and when disabled would be calendar|. This way when a site is enabled it does not get excluded in the RegEx.

    In either case you would need to set up a variable for each subdomain that you are styling. I did something similar using userstyle variables to enable/disable certain sites in my Google Bar - Dark Style. This doesn't use RegEx but instead uses url prefixes.

    I am absolutely no expert in CSS or RegEx, but if it's possible it would be amamzing. The way I'm doing it not I have to go through the RegEx for every section and if/where to exclude sites.
  • AtxAtx
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    Unfortunately I am not able to add variables into regexps, even if :root is global.
    I.e. for calendar:

    In section 1 (global rule or empty rule)
    :root { --var1: calendar; }

    These vars were not replaced. Cascading style sheets works probably only in CSS, not regexps. If you've an idea how it could be applied, I would be very appreciated.

    Making it in the way you've made in your Google Bar will be more complicated because you set constant url prefixes and as you can see I've support for multi-domains in many languages etc.

    The only way I think is to divide my style into parts (blocks) on userstyles. Most of CSS will be hidden when you click "show CSS" but it should be customizable, something like I've done "Background type".

    Hovewer, first I need to get rid of massive block of quote (sections 2 and 4). It's remains after DeathTBO code, where I added my fixes... It works on multiple Google sites, but I'm rewriting things from scratch and removing from there regexps and sometimes rules. Hovewer it still contains mix of used and unused code.

    Thanks for help :)
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