Hibernal Den Border Suggestion

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Hi there!

I saw you were having some issues with the hibernal den borders breaking parts of the site, so I thought I would suggest a bit of code you could add to the hibernal den section that would solve the spacing issues without you having to manually fix them all (you also would be able to remove the fix you added for the window boxes).

Here's the code:

box-sizing: border-box;
max-width: 85px;
max-height: 85px;

Here's some screenshots showing the difference: https://i.imgur.com/CHtzcVl.png

Hope this helps, and thank you SO much for all your work on this amazing style!


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    Nice, I didn't think of that. Thank you very much for letting me know; just added it and will update the style with it shortly. And I'm glad to know that the style is helpful. :)
  • grrgrr
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    Oops, I just realized that there was a bit of a miscommunication on my part, I'm sorry. I meant to convey that adding the code to the /* Hibernal Den */ section after border: 2px solid #ff00 !important; (which will allow you to also remove the following section) like this would fix all the formatting issues without you having to add any more code or specify every div where the images break the formatting because putting code there will resize all of the hibernal den images a tiny bit to account for the added border across the entire site.

    In the end it really is up to your personal preference, but I thought I'd come back to clarify because I realized that I was not conveying what I meant very well in my initial comment. I shouldn't have posted so early in the morning, lol. Thanks again! & it's really no problem, I just wanted to make your life a bit easier :)
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    That's fine, thank you for re-clarifying! (I, too, had added that in rather early in the morning and was being unnecessarily convoluted XD) Anyway, will adjust that shortly. I appreciate your input. :)
  • Looks like the border-box css fixed it, but as an alternative you could also change "border" to "outline". An outline does not change an element's dimensions like a border does.

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