This site has layout issues and Error 404 popup after updating styles.

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I don't like to complain but there are some issues that need to be fixed. The first issue is the site is not responsive to smaller width sizes. This is due to the annoying sidebar overlapping and a pile of Iframes.

The second issue is after you update your theme you get a message on Chrome that says: says

It's irritating but doesn't effect updating my styles.

I can probably start doing a pile of media widths to fix the issues, but this site should have it properly done without overriding with Stylus or Stylish.

Reporting another problem! When posting this I had this popup
{ "Code": 256, "Exception": "Unknown column 'LastCategoryID' in 'field list'", "Class": "Gdn_ErrorException" }

I tried to post it 3 times and noticed it said spam enabled. Apparently, it did post. I had to type "Please Delete" on the other two posts.


  • Don't worry, the fustercluck of iframes is temporary. They said so about a year and a half ago.
  • ... ... I think someone else needs to rebuild the template correctly. It's been getting worse with code issues and 404 notifications and revealing deleted pages.
  • The same problem here, but since then my styles visits were drastically reduced.

    I also had an animated gif to promote my skin (cover) and I had to changed it because it started to look "corrupted"... I even try to upload the file so you can see it and it gives me the error "Internal error, could not move the file."

  • I have the same error 404 when I try to update my style, regular form field updates work but I can't upload a screenshot. That fails completely. Is this site open source? I'd be willing to look into it.
  • Maybe your css is to long, simlar bug haved when puted FontAwesome 5 (by base64) on
  • I also have this f*cking error everytime I update my style. It's part of the natural "abandonment" of by it's admins I think.
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