Some tab features in Firefox default theme

I have never used userstyles before, so I this is all new to me. In the Firefox default theme, I wish to do the following:

1. Set the colors for tab text & background.
1.a. If this can be done for different classes of tabs, such as current tab vs. other tabs, that would be great.
1.b. If the tab text can be, say, bold for the current tab, that would also be great.

2. Change the tab shape, so that the upper left/right corners are rounded. (Make the tabs more discretely visible for not-so-terrific eyes.)

3. Enable tab width to adjust to fit the tab text, up to some configurable maximum width.

4. Cause tabs opened form bookmarks to take the bookmark name.

All this and more was once possible using the Tab Mix Plus extension, but it no longer works in Firefox Quantum. Can any of these things be done with a userstyle, and if so, how?

Thank you.


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