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New layout edit moved the view count down the page 1 tick.
I was able to move it back using Chrome inspect page/edit.
I would like a style to move the Channel info Bar:

channel-info-bar__viewers-wrapper tw-c-text-live tw-inline-flex"><div class="tw-inline-flex tw-tooltip-wrapper

to be in line with the Stream Title:

data-test-selector="channel-info-bar-title-text" title=

Please help! Thanks!



  • That site's source code is horrifying. The order of the DOM isn't really conducive to changing that element's placement in any way other than absolute positioning.

    I didn't test it extensively, but this should work:
    @-moz-document domain("") { {
    position: relative!important;
    } > div:last-child {
    position: absolute!important;
    top: -2px;
    right: 0;

    /* restrict title width so it doesn't encroach on the new positioning */ > div:first-child {
    max-width: calc(100% - 300px)!important;
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    Thank you for taking the time.
    I created a new style, and pasted the code. It didnt work, and I also have this issue.

    error 1 : 1 Unknown @ rule: @-moz-document.

    edit: I cut out the .channel and the .tw code and used just that. It works.
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