Important Notice! Maintenance on (and Resulting Bug Report Thread)

edited November 2018 in Chrome is going through maintenance for the next few hours.
No downtime is expected. However, at this time, any newly submitted content will not be saved.

This includes:
- New styles
- Style editing
- Style rating
- New discussions or replies on the forum

Please take note of this and make sure not to submit any new content until we publish that the maintenance is done.


  • Maintenance is done. You can now post new content on the site and forum regularly.
  • Discussions and comments disappeared from forum profile
  • edited September 2018 [?]
    Upgraded forums. Yay! Noted bugs:

    1. Multiple reviews/discussions being posted due to an error message.


    2. Can't upload a pic/file.


    3. Error message when I try to delete a post/thread. Refreshing the page is required.


  • Notifications not working too
  • Woohoo, update brought fancy new colors to my avatar :D
  • Woohoo, update brought fancy new colors to my avatar :D

    You look the same to me. :D

  • whoops, didn't realize I got an actual photo there. I usually use that only for private accounts
  • edited September 2018 [?]

    @"Nimi L" @"Justin Hindman"

    Can you update us as to whether the bugs mentioned above will be fixed at some point?

    • Especially the duplicate posting problem. This is like dealing with a constant spammer.


  • edited September 2018 [?]
    I'm new here today, this happened to me and I got a message saying I'd been blocked for 300 seconds Lol. Let's see if that same error message pops up when I post this. - edit: No error message, working normally.
  • Yeah, there's spam control here, which keeps someone from being able to post more than a certain number of posts in a given time. This bug only affects new discussions, comments are ok.

  • I'm having the same problem as Calico reported on Sep 6th
  • guys... feedback feature is still broken :-/
  • Deleted styles are visible in user profile for everyone now...
  • Is there any update when these problems may get fixed at all? Just curious on progress.
  • They prefer to make an app for phones than to fix bugs ¯\_( ͠° ͟ʖ ͠° )_/¯
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