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CSP - Why Firebug (with Waterfox) don't work well on Mozilla Addons Pages (AMO New Design) ?

edited July 5 in Style Development Waterfox
When i want inspect an element of their new design, the hover in the HTML tab of Firebug don't show the highlight area in the page.

And with the Official Firefox it's worth:
the HTML tab is empty...

What's the problem with these pages ?????

I tested (with success) the solution provided by Jeferson
in :
There is a bug (#1326146) where sites with/without certain Content-Security-Policy (CSP) headers block the Rules pane of the Inspector.
As a workaround, you can turn off CSP, at the risk of some alien content running in pages. In about:config, toggle security.csp.enable to false

So i passed:

to false and now firebug work as i do.

Now the question is :
Their is a way to toggle quickly these about:config settings ?.

I don't like the new design (Firefox continue to break all we loved in it):
The soluce below is Not possible now !
But GOOD new : we can return to the old design (and use always my userstyle Mozilla Addon Widescreen:

In fact the New Design is for mobile and when you open the AMO it is enable by default.
If you want the OLD design it is her but you need to find the good link to enable it....
En fait, il est possible de repasser la version pour ordinateur, en cliquant sur "Afficher la version pour ordinateur" ou "View classic desktop site" en bas de la page (at the end of the page).
Mais ce n'est pas gardé dans les préférences de site, donc à refaire à chaque connexions, si cookies supprimés.



  • edited August 2018 Firefox
    Always with Waterfox 56.2.2, firebug need this tweak on about:config to work better on NEW design AMO pages.
    Any new about that ?

    I have too many problems on other sites with Firebug which can hang Waterfox with error messages about css.lib / or html.lib:
    How resolve that (i don't like the dev toolbar).

    Someone can fix this bug (yes i know Firebug support is discontinued, but ...) ?
  • Is there a Firebug Holdouts forum? I'm sure you are not the only one, but I don't know the odds that there are others here.
  • Maybe someone on Waterfox project ....
  • i retun on this problem for a new profile.
    If i only toogle:
    security.csp.enable to falsle
    i can use firebug on AMO site (to highlight the selection concerned by a selector on hover).

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