Changing the font for everything except code/mono

Hello UserStyles Forum. First time posting after finding the extension for Chrome yesterday. I tried searching for this answer but there's way too many keyword issues to easily find anything helpful. What I'd like to know is the following:
Many wikis and other sites use monowidth fonts when writing in code snippits mixed with regular fonts (this one included, of course). How can I write a userstyle which changes the font size for everything except the mono/code examples?

I hope I've explained what I'm trying to do. Please tell me if you want me to try to describe what I'm attempting to do in more detail.

Thanks very much!


  • As every site has different code and approaches, it's not totally possible. Just as darkstyle everywhere is not easy and never perfect.

    You can try a naive approach like
    *:not(pre):not(code) { font-family: Arial, sans-serif !important; }
    and improve it when detecting errors.

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