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  • So, after finally stabilizing Stylish and bringing it back to where it was before I made the DB migration, I can finally introduce myself properly and share with you guys my plans for Stylish.

    I basically thought myself programming, using online tutorials and some great communities. At some point, I joined in with a couple of friends of mine and together we tried to bring to life some cool ideas we had. One of them was MockMeApp, which was a great product. I was very enthusiastic about it, but think the market wasn’t ready for it. What it did was allow users to develop JS mockups for Android apps.

    To make ends meet, we occasionally worked for other companies, developing internal sites for BI systems and company extensions. Unfortunately, that wasn’t always enough. I like to be my own boss, so looking for a job in some corporation was never an option.

    With a heavy heart, I took some time off my friends and started looking for other opportunities online. I remembered Stylish, which my wife introduced me to a few years back. I started digging around, coming to understand how amazing this project is. I contacted Jason to offer my help in fixing some bugs I found. It was mind blowing to learn that he’s doing everything on his own and that it’s generating for him a nice cash flow from ads. We got to talk and he told me he wanted to leave the project and was looking for someone to take it on. After giving it a lot of thought, I decided to go ahead and do it. It’s a huge challenge, but one I’m happy to take.

    A bit about my technical background: I started as a front end developer, gradually taking on some backend projects. I was sometimes also in charge of operations, taking care of automated deployments and development environments.

    I’m a Mac guy, love zsh, vim is my favorite linux editor and I also use Sublime.

    I’m lucky enough to have an amazingly talented wife, who is a web designer. She was actually the one that introduced my to Stylish. We’re working together on a brand new look for Stylish, bringing it up to speed and making it look a bit less 90’s.

    Other than coding, I love carpentry. It’s a passion of mine. If you like, I can send you some picture ;)

    I’ve started uploading some of my ideas for features and changes to a public board on Trello ( I wanted to share it with you guys and ask you to comment and vote, so I can prioritize.

    That’s it for now.
  • That is so weird. Is it a bug with Google? Bing shows tons of results.

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    No, it means that "MockMeApp" (no whitespace) appears nowhere on the interweb. Zero buzz, nada, nothing.

    It also means Google is still more sophisticated than Bing. Bing basically parses the string into tokens it recognizes ("Mock Me App") and favors "this NEAR that" results when it sorts. Google recognizes that concatenation is significant. cf. "cowswithwings" (G vs B) or "fartsandflowers" (G vs B).

    Google also culls useless "results". cf. "pluckmycar" (G vs B). So, when you get no results on a camel case product name, it means no one ever mentioned it online, anywhere, ever.
    ("Guys, why don't we invite IT to our marketing happy hours? Exactly.")
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    Someone pointed out in re this comment that (a) is a web analytics company and (b) that new Userstyles form was created in SimilarWeb's Google Docs account.

    Naturally I'm curious, Justin. Does own Stylish and Userstyles, or are you an employee who is simply using the company butter?
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  • @P4risAndStuff
    Why did you reply to a ~10 months old comment?
  • New leadership,

    Can we get Stylish on the Brave browser please? Thanks!
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  • wow, After more than 2 years you all were right: justin is just a sell out.
    tracked the users of stylish
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