Multiple fixes for Google services

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New fixes will appear there: {AAA}
I won't update links below to give you time to adapt changes.

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Update 9 July final (no updating that link anymore):
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In recent time I found multiple smaller and bigger issues for Google drive, accounts, searching, translate and others. It would be annoying both for you and me to provide you dozens of screens or describe these thing so I decided to make a fixes independently.

It would be great if you could include them.
Few examples of fixes:
CSS (edit 18 June: various fixes):

I posted them on my old thread (and updating) but maybe you missed them: (because userstyles is a bit buggy in recent time).

I know code is ugly, but few rules also look really strange. I couldn't fix them on other way (mentioned about them in comments). Strange Google styling :/

PS. I am not able to fix that on Google drive:
PS2. To my mind using #CCC as text color is better than #FAFAFA. FAFAFA is too contrasting, making it a bit harder to read on dark background.


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    Alright I think I got everything. I really took my time to make sure these changes will stick and look good of course.

    Let me know if I missed anything. Google Drive does look quite a bit better now, but it could probably use some more tweaks.
  • Thanks for fixing it. Definitely Google Drive looks better now.

    There are still few things to fix, like (3) section with ".gws-flights-results" etc. It was mainly for making dark Google Flights, but contains others fixes. Also policies (8) and few others.

    Could you take a look on these again?

    For (7), but I forgot for what subpage it was :/

    I've updated link on the main post with another fixes. Or take is here too:

    I'll remain that link and create another one to give you also time to adapt these changes without adding another things.

    Have a nice day
  • Oh that was Google Flights, alright I added support for that. I'll take a look at policies again, and if you can, I would like to know what (7) was.
  • I was comparing my and your css and found that there were none of these classes.

    And about (7) - didn't remember where I found that, but in my browser history is that:

    As far as I remember it was part of one subpage.
  • Hey, found a little thing to fix -dark text.
  • @DeathTBO installing latest version with "None" as background still installs theme with wood background. Can you fix it?
  • Oh dear, that was my mistake. I'm trying to use the Stylus extension instead of Stylish and my workflow is completely messed up. I'll fix it quick
  • @DeathTBO you may want to recheck this, if you view the very first post in this thread the OP posted a comparison pic, none of his fixes seem to be in today (11-21-2018) version of yours. Namely, run a search for "Adele songs" and yours still has the bad lighter boxes and not his "fixed" version. I'd rather not have to try to diff his much older code from almost 6 mo ago to then roll into what you just released today so hopefully you could re-implement these fixes? TIA!

  • @CollinChaffin What browser are you using? It looks plenty fine to me:
  • AtxAtx
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    @CollinChaffin many of fixes I've included there DeathTBO included in Dark Fusion. "Adele songs" looks fine now for me. Maybe try to re-install theme. Probably you're using Stylus addon because Stylish isn't safe. Stylus is sometimes buggy for me.

    By the way, @DeathTBO I noticed that not all of these fixes was adapted. Could you check them again?

    Example 1:
    .y8Jpof .LrzXr

    Example 2:

    But there were much more things.

    Also I found new problems there:
    3. Elements are white on white background when downloading something from gdrive. Example:
  • I'm using the userscript I was warning people to abandon Stylish a year before it went public. The userscript does NOT show the Adele search as his screenshot's "after" but instead "before". I can and have adjusted myself just wanted you to be aware for some reason the userscript seems off again.

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