Two of Each Style Listed at Add-ons Screen (1.0)

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Hello, I just updated to Stylish 1.0 and now see two of each style (not every style, but most of them) listed on the Add-ons screen. How do I go about fixing this? Thanks.


  • did you edit the stylish setting on the about:config page to re-import your old styles?
  • No, I did not. To fix this myself, I just deleted all the duplicate entries. Thanks anyway.
  • mastavic, if you send stylish.rdf from your profile folder to I can try it out and hopefully save other people some annoyance.
  • I had this once too. I think i've posted in the b2 (?) thread. I too ended up just deleting dupes.
  • i encountered it once after updating from one devel build to the next and then having it re-import the old styles. The faster fix was to delete stylish.sqlite and then let stylish re-import the old stylish.rdf again
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