Can't chance my picture?!?

Hello again,

Thank you for making time to read this.

So... i made a style and i wanted to chance it bcuz of an update.
But I can't it only shows the picture of the begining I used.
And i don't want to start over (5,1k installs) It called [BIG UPDATE *NEW* Smooth green roblox]

Thank you!

ѕηєєкz✗у ❧


  • I see a pic that is very green on your style page. Sometimes they don't show up right away.

    Btw, you should copy and add the following to the "Description" or the "Additional Info" section of the style. TIA.

    *New* Smooth green roblox is a remix of <a rel="nofollow" href="">Dark Roblox</a> by <a rel="nofollow" href="">kohltastrophe</a>.

  • idk

    This isn't the response I was hoping for. The style has been archived pending compliance with the terms of the license of Dark Roblox.

    Also, the use of sock accounts to manipulate or in any way influence style ratings is not allowed. Any further infractions will result in your account being banned as well.
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