Cow B

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After i used this plugin on my chrome, i just want to say a statement for three times "Cow B, Cow B, Cow B" :)>-


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    Yes, this will be deleted. But it made me laugh, so I'll leave it for y'alls entertainment for a bit.


  • @calico Do you know who is moderator on this forum? Does the stealth new Stylish team take action? So maybe if we have a serious bug we can flag the post to make them read it xD
    I don't receive positive or negative feedback. Latest was the Android announcement which wasn't very well received by the few who answered and still they want to release it instead of fixing Stylish /

  • Well, I have the moderator permissions, given to me by Jason, and as of yet no one from the Stylish team has taken over and booted me off. Pabli also does a wonderful job in helping to keep the place cleaned up.

    I see very little activity from the Stylish team on the forum, and have no idea if they read what's posted here or not. I assume they do, or at least I hope they do. Whether there are plans to address the obvious deficiencies in the US.o site is anyone's guess. I just do what I can to help the Userstyles community here, and watch and wait like everyone else for the Stylish team to do whatever it is they are going to do.

  • Well. Thanks for the info and thanks for your work @calico and @Pabli !
  • Thanks to you as well, and to all the members who contribute to this forum. It's great success wouldn't be possible without you!


  • Don't believe her lies! I have it on good authority that calico is, in fact, a triple-agent. My sources tell me that she is actually the CEO of SimilarWeb, pretending to be a helpful mod, masquerading as an adorable kitty-cat.

    All the while, she's been methodically pursuing her own personal agenda of slowly sabotaging Stylish and US.o, pawning off all the spam on poor Pabli, and engaging in a massive disinformation campaign to cover up the reality that she is, in fact, a dog.

    Prove me wrong calico, if that's even your real fake name!
  • WHAT!!! Jack Skellington, I should send you straight to Banni-nation for such false and udderly(!) outlandish accusations. I can forgive you for believing moo-y nonsense about me being a triple agent and pawning off spam to Pabli, but false accusations of me being a dog???? That's unforgiveable!

    Here's your proof. Yes, I am a selfie princess. Do I look like a dog?image

  • How dare you use my government name!
    calico said:

    Do I look like a dog?

    That "selfie" is obviously:

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    Won't be fake mews when your affinity for **gasp** cute dogs is leaked to the public.image
  • Hacking my personal photos and doxing me? Classy move. Two can play at that game!

  • You wouldn't know class if it hit you in the *ss. Care to Tango?

  • Never bring paws to a thumb-war!
  • Who needs thumbs. I win by default! It's just the way things are. Cats rule, dogs drool.


  • Pussing out as usual, I see. DEEP STATE!
  • Posting old pics from when you were a kitten? More FAKE MEWS! Care to comment on all the more recent scandalous pics of you licking your own butthole?

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    ...Your dog needs to learn the difference between a girl cat and a boy cat.

  • How arrogant of you to assume your own gender! SAD!!
  • The ability to produce kittens is self-evident. I am a queen, hear me MEOW!

  • Alright, this has gotten too catty for me. I've done my best to expose you for the butt-licker you are.

    As a wise OP once said: "Cow B, Cow B, Cow B".
  • I'm so sad. I thought we were on the same side, aligned in our fight for truth, justice, and quality CSS.

  • It's treason, then.
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    Fine. Go play with your damn dog. Your loss.

    "Cow B, Cow B, Cow B". MOO-ve along now.

    BTW, cats have the dexterity to keep all parts of their body clean. Dogs have to resort to "other" methods.


  • Cow B
    Thanks for nice words. Thanks for you guys making this forum great.

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