Website removing Stylish style-element


Stylish currently doesn't work on the website (using Chrome). As when editing the styles and just saving them they are correctly applied, I assume that the website removes the style-element ondocumentready or something along that.

The site's scripts are quite complex and spread over lots of files, so I couldn't find out anything helping here. My suggestion is to start finding clues by setting an MutationObserver (of course, provided that somebody wants to create a solution :) ).



  • that site uses the hateful/harmful g00 (instart logic) advertising, one of the ublock creators has an additional extension that tries to stop them but it prevents all grease scripts and stylish code from working. i would bet you have that installed or g00 has become even more evil and somehow blocks css injection.
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    Stylish still has many bugs that were reported over the last year so I doubt they'll ever fix it. FWIW, Stylus successfully styles the site.

  • Thanks for the thought @darkery! It's actually AdBlock+. Disabling it for the website fixes the problem, and it doesn't seem that ads are loaded either.
  • Tested with ublock origin:
    Seems possible to style without problem ...
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