hellllo :))))))))))))))

use the youtube downloader firefox addon SaveFrom.net helper (If you want to tell me to just get 1-click yt-downloader because it is already built into the theme save your breath. This addon actually downloads in 1 click, doesn't randomly cut out with my youtube vids half downloaded, and adds a download button next to any youtube link. Basically it is better and I love it and do not wish to switch) and the youtube style Black Youtube by Panos.

I managed to make the download button black with a grey border by adding the code: ", .sf-quick-dl-btn" to the list of recolored items with the .yt-subscription-button ect item as the addon places the button directly next to the subscribe button and I saw with the code built in for the 1-click-yt-downloader addon that it had a hover color so I typed ", .sf-quick-dl-btn:hover" next to the hover option for that and I changed the hover color.

But here is where I ran into trouble. Directly attached to the download button is another button with a white background and no class title or anything so I don't know how to change it. Here is the source code:

div id="savefrom__yt_btn" style="display: inline-block; margin-left: 10px; vertical-align: middle;">
a class="sf-quick-dl-btn" style="display: inline-block; font-size: inherit; height: 22px; bor…ext-decoration: none; z-index: 1; color: rgb(255, 255, 255);" data-event-inedx="2" data-is-quick="1" data-no-chiped="1" title="MP4 720" href="https://r8---sn-ab5l6n76.googlevideo.com/videoplayback?initc…ason%203%20Finale%20Trailer%20and%20Episode%2018%20Breakdown" download="Arrow Season 3 Finale Trailer and Episode 18 Breakdown.mp4">
i style="position: absolute; display: inline-block; left: 6px; top: 3…ckground-position: center center; width: 16px; height: 16px;">
#savefrom__yt_btn .sf-quick-dl-btn {background-col…
button style="position: relative; display: inline-block; margin-left: -2px…lor: rgb(155, 155, 155); z-index: 0; vertical-align: middle;">
span style="margin-left: 6px; vertical-align: bottom;">
i style="position: absolute; display: inline-block; top: 9px; right: …rs: none; -moz-border-left-colors: none; border-image: none;">

So I have no idea what to call the button. I know where to place it to change it but I just can't find a name for it. (it says that it inherits from #savefrom__yt_btn but when I put that in nothing happens either).

Could anyone please tell me what to call this button so I can add it to the list of recolored items?


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