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How to find which style settings set by

I have Stylish installed on Firefox. I have
#1: gone to:
Firefox: Choose Your Color - Themes and Skins for Browser -
#2: clicked the "Customize Settings" button.
#3: modified some settings
#4: clicked "Update Style" ("Install Style") button.

The style modifications are implemented and work fine.

How can I tell what my new settings are (what changes were made)?

If I return to, and click the "Customize Settings" button, the default settings are filled in, not the settings I configured. It would be great if the currently implemented settings were shown so additional changes/tweaks could be made without having to remember/record all the settings and then restore them each time.

In any case, since the currently configured settings are not shown, how can I find out what settings have been modified (in the Firefox profile) on my system?


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    Custom style rules do not modify any Firefox settings directly. Instead, Stylish adds your rules to the user interface (or web page) as a new style sheet.

    You can go to the Add-ons page, User Styles panel, and look at the CSS code of the style to see what values are in there. However, it probably won't be obvious which ones correspond with the controls on the install page unless the author added comments indicating that.

    (And yes, it would be preferable if the site could reflect that in the Advanced Settings controls!)
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