Bug in Firefox - Styles can't be installed on Userstyles.org

We've identified a bug on Firefox that prevents users from installing styles through the website while on Firefox.
Instead of seeing the 'Install Style' button, You'll see 'Install with Stylish' even if you already have Stylish installed.

Right now it's our highest priority to release a fix for this, which we're planning on publishing to Firefox within the next few days.

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  • Thanks. This was driving me nuts this morning.
  • Thank you, we wait, if not for the forum, I would not know what is happening and the problem is not only for me.
  • Update style button does not work as well.
  • This is litterally the first time I use this plugin (and Firefox) and this happens :(
  • The bug was fixed in both Firefox and Opera.
  • So what about fixing search and additional screenshots?
  • It's fixed. Thank you :)
  • Reinstalled and it's all working great. Thanks for fixing it.
  • using Firefox today the green menuebar for fimfiction.net stooped working tried uninstalling and reinstalling turning it on and off will not work have to click it 20 or more times to get it to evin register than it still will not work
  • I not use the last version of stylish (and don't want it ).
    For me it's always not fixing:

    I use Stylus too (work great) but i try to keep stylish usable if i need , a solution ?
  • I second the use of Stylus as a replacement for Stylish and I recommend to all the users of my scripts. You can even use a user script plugin like one of the *monkey script plugins or 'USI'. The latter is great on mobile Firefox.
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