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    Have what on a toolbar?
  • Thanks for the update seems work fine !
  • The slashes button. It works even if the button is not on a toolbar. It's good. Unless you put a url manually, then you need the button.

    I don't use CodeMirror, mainly 'cause search doesn't work there.So, it's extra manipulations no matter what, no Undo or no search .... Are you saying Undo will not be fixed, right?
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    Is there a way to change CM background color no matter what theme is used? Trying to change editor code box bg for ambiance theme, for instance. Can't do. Tried default theme, can't do.
    Using @-moz-document url("about:stylish-edit"){} and .CodeMirror before every line. Looked at your file, still can't change it. Black is as bad for me as white, want to try something like #333 or #444. And search keyord bg from yellow to something else.Any ideas?

    Looks like i can change some things with this:
    @-moz-document url("chrome://devtools/content/sourceeditor/codemirror/cmiframe.html"){
    Some, but not others ... weird.
    Anyway, i don't like CM, any chance you can fix Undo for the SE?
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    The Undo in SE is an cmd_undo function and will only undo what you have typed or pasted into the editor. CM is an iframe and of a different format in which Undo works the way you want, but has it's own find function. It's one or the other.
    For CodeMirror styling, select the Code Mirror Themes "default" radio button in Settings. Copy/Paste this into editor Blank Style, set values to your preference (preview as you make each edit, to view result), name style and save. This will now become Code Mirror Themes "default" theme.

    /* AGENT_SHEET */ { background-color: #FFF !important; color: #000 !important; } ::-moz-selection { background: rgba(0, 0, 0, .1) !important; } pre { background: transparent !important; color: inherit !important; } .CodeMirror-activeline-background { background: #E8F2FF !important; } .CodeMirror-cursor { border-left: 1px solid #000 !important; } .CodeMirror-focused .CodeMirror-selected { background: #D7D4F0 !important; } .CodeMirror-foldgutter-open, .cm-s-default .CodeMirror-foldgutter-folded { color: #000 !important; } .CodeMirror-guttermarker { color: #000 !important; } .CodeMirror-guttermarker-subtle { color: #000 !important; } .CodeMirror-gutters { background-color: #F7F7F7 !important; border-right: 1px solid #DDD !important; } .CodeMirror-linenumber { color: #999 !important; padding: 0 5px !important; text-shadow: none !important; } .CodeMirror-lines .CodeMirror-cursor { border-left: 1px solid #000 !important; } .CodeMirror-matchingbracket { color: #0F0 !important; } .CodeMirror-matchingtag { color: #000 !important; } .CodeMirror-nonmatchingbracket { color: #F22 !important; } .CodeMirror-selected { background: #D9D9D9 !important; } .cm-atom { color: #219 !important; } .cm-attribute { color: #00C !important; } .cm-bracket { color: #997 !important; } .cm-builtin { color: #30A !important; } .cm-comment { color: #A50 !important; } .cm-compilation { color: transparent !important; } .cm-def { color: #00F !important; } .cm-em { font-style: italic !important; } .cm-error { color: #F00 !important; } .cm-force-border { padding-right: .1px !important; } .cm-header { color: #00F !important; font-weight: bold !important; } .cm-hr { color: #999 !important; } .cm-invalidchar { color: #F00 !important; } .cm-keyword { color: #708 !important; } .cm-link { color: #00C !important; text-decoration: underline !important; } .cm-meta { color: #555 !important; } .cm-negative { color: #D44 !important; } .cm-node { color: transparent !important; } .cm-number { color: #164 !important; } .cm-operator { color: #000 !important; } .cm-positive { color: #292 !important; } .cm-property { color: #000 !important; } { color: #000 !important; } .cm-punctuation { color: transparent !important; } .cm-qualifier { color: #555 !important; } .cm-quote { color: #090 !important; } .cm-searching { background: #FFA !important; background: rgba(255, 255, 0, .4) !important; } .cm-special { color: #000 !important; } .cm-strikethrough { text-decoration: line-through !important; } .cm-string { color: #A11 !important; } .cm-string-2 { color: #F50 !important; } .cm-strong { font-weight: bold !important; } .cm-tab-wrap-hack:after { content: '' !important; } .cm-tag { color: #170 !important; } .cm-unit { } .cm-variable { color: #000 !important; } .cm-variable-2 { color: #05A !important; } .cm-variable-3 { color: #085 !important; }
  • Thanks!
    Too bad about Undo ... it used to work. I'm pretty sure about it 'cause i use it often and it was the first thing i've noticed after an update and so did decembre.
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    CB forum won't let me sign in, says use captcha but there's none ...image

    Anyway, my BingTranslate button stopped working. Going to the site - doesn't load, maybe down for whatever reason but if i switch to Goo, it doesn't appear in the menu either. The site loads all right. Do you see the same? It was working earlier today.
  • Aha! Multiprocess was enabled in WF somehow, don't remember checking it, must be the update kicked in, i read it's enabled by default now. When i uncheck it, the button works. Like some other things (like blinking red border on elements when using DOMi). I disabled e10 again but so you know, this button breaks when multiprocess is enabled.
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    Patched Bing/Google Translator for multiprocessing: Here
  • Good, thank you! The only thing i don't like about e10s is DOMi, doesn't blink elements. It's a pain having to switch it off every time i need to use DOMi.

    So, how about APT - drag window using APT title bar and AMF - tabs reloading when you click Update in AMF.
    Also, any chance for a findbar in CM editor?
  • Sonny,
    it appears my scrollbar style doesn't quite work when e10s is enabled. The bg shows browser bg ( i have it set to grey) but whenit's disabled, it works perfectly fine and is transparent. Do you have any ideas why?
    Let me find my style, it's posted here somewhere.
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    Here, found it, undeleted temporarily.

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    The Install Style Button doesn't work on the Stylish site.
  • OK, NM then (can't copy/paste the code either?), i ahve that bg problem with e10 enabled only. Can't figure why.
    But how about ATP bar and AMF reload on update? (see my post above)
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    With your scrollbar code, try removing the 2 @-moz-document lines at the top (not needed).
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    They're removed locally. I don't update my styles here any more. Also, #content line is commented too (doesn't make any difference, was working for aero glass), the rest, i believe is the same.
  • Forget the scrollbar. It has to do with e10 on some pages only, the rest (styled sites) looks OK, transparent. Changing html color to black, for instance works but it shows black on all pages, of course. Anyway, it's too much bother, i don't think it's 'fixable'.
  • Any news on AMF reloading all open tabs when you click Update button?
  • Waterfox
    Give me exact procedure/steps to try and reproduce.
  • In AM, check for updates. Click Available Updates. Click Update button by some ext. to be updated. It will reload all tabs!
    May need to downgrade some ext., then check for updates so that it shows an update.
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    I set TMP back a version, checked for updates, clicked Update button for TMP and get a browser restart. Is that not the proper procedure for add-ons that are not re-startless ?
  • That's odd ... it's been happening for a long time but i just checked again and it didn't happen ... Maybe it was WF and fixed in 56.0.1. Forget it then, thanks for checking and sorry for the noise!
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