How do I make multiple styles for the same site?

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Okay I'm writing out a style and want it to affect the layout of some of the pages in the domain and alter it differently on others is there a way to do that?


  • When you create your @-moz-document rule there are several options:

    * domain()
    * url()
    * url-prefix()
    * regexp()

    More info:
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    Yeah that's helpful in proper syntax at the start of the style but lets say I want to alter the layout of the frontpage & the search page but leave profile & similar pages without altering the structure/topography and since the search page has a rotating variable

    Leaving these three with the same coding that radically changes the page structure

    But leave the profile pages or other pages alone only changing the colorscheme*

    How and where do I use the initial options for starting this kind of code?
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    You can include multiple different @-moz-document sections in one style, not just one.

    For import:

    @-moz-document regexp("https?:\\/\\/www\\.sitename\\.com\\/subdirectory\\/((?!user)genre\\/(action|romance).*)?") {
        /* code for first three here */
    @-moz-document url-prefix("") {
        /* code for last one here */

    For just copying the RegEx:

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