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    It looks like you've changed the menu in this last version. It doesn't look like a menu, it's a menupopup now? Will have to re-style it ...
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    It's been a while since I last tinkered with it and can't remember what I did (getting too old to remember past yesterday and that's not a given). But I think I changed it to show two columns.
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    It's OK, it's done.
    So, how about this IDs?
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    I believe that was a safe guard, as not to overwrite original file, in the event there were errors/typos/etc...
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    OK, I'll have to keep 2 folders then.
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    In Stylish Editor², added a third radio textbox to create folder in C:\ and not just limited to Home or Profile directories. Also added additional checkbox choices: (1) Show/Hide Id's (2) Check Enabled Styles (3) Check Disabled Styles.
    Version 52.0.9
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    I don't understand a few things here:

    1. Why is all this stuff in the editor? Isn't the button from Stylish, that is Stylish² ? or at least SCA²? I mean, it has nothing to do with the editor, does it?

    2. You don't need 3 boxes, C:\ and profile is sufficient, IMO. In fact, "C:\" isn't needed either. Just call it 'Your folder path' (it's a custom to have file picker in this cases and i know next time i will back them up, i will look for one).

    3. Thanks for the IDs checkbox, that's great!

    And Disabled checkbox is good too but i wonder if it might be possible to mark disabled styles somehow, maybe by adding D-in front of the file name? Here's what i mean:
    i want to back up all styles including 6 disabled. Once saved, i have to go to the folder, find those 6 styles and rename them manually so that i know they're normally disabled 'cause i will forget otherwise. It would be nice if this is done for me automagically image

    4. Can you make the window not modal, it's huge and covers everything else for me.
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    (1) It was just easier at the time to put it into SE², because at some point, I will combine all three add-ons into one, so if other users just want the Stylish functions, there will be options to do so.
    (2) Actually, I will get rid of 2 radio textboxes and just have the one textbox preceded by a Browse button for a filepicker to insert the chosen path. Already have that part coded.
    (3) Your welcome.
    Give some thought how you want to label the disabled styles. Add a "D" or an "*", doesn't matter, simple enough to accomplish.
    (4) Yes I can. I use with the window always raised because it is easier to troubleshoot the dialog. Once everything is coded, I will set it as an normal dialog.
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    '*' in front of the name would be good, they'll be all together than and hopefully at the top. Remember though, i had a style with asterisk at the end of its name and it didn't save.
  • Thanks to @sonny for updating this thread name to the addon's latest name "Stylish Custom²" (no more confusion with ChoGGi's addon when getting email notifications from this forum) :)
  • Sonny,
    2 things about export/import:

    1. when exporting SC² settings, the filepicker doesn't populate the name and you have to manually choose/type a name for the settings file. It's good - i can just click the older file to get the same name and replace the file - but it's unexpected, that's not how win's file system usually works. So, you can leave it as is or fix it, doesn't matter to me, just reporting image

    2. When importing style/-s using the toolbarbutton menu (Import styles), it doesn't seem to see .css file extension. I open a folder where i know i have a bunch of styles but it shows none and there's no dropdown in the filepicker to choose file exts. to show
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    Not sure why i didn't post the post above in time, still sitting in my textbox here, it's actually from way back when ... June?

    Anyway, did you see the 'new version warning' post? I guess that's where we get off, right? I'm not going their route, that's for sure.
    Don't know what your progress on combining the 3 exts. is but to sum up the latest probs again:

    1. Undo doesn't work most of the time (100% never after using Comment button).
    2. There are 2 Line number boxes.
    3. The above issue with export/import.
    4. Scratchpad 1 clears on Editor exit (suppose to keep text till deleted manually)
    5. Clicking the XUL button will jump to the very top (should keep cursor position in place)

    One request:
    a button to change back slashes to slashes. When adding a local image url from the file picker, it shows as windows default with back slashes but Stylish doesn't read this, it needs slashes Jason was going to change that but has never got around to do it):


  • I am so glad I have stumbled into this thread. Fight the AMO tyranny (and inappropriate tolerance for binaries in extensions, or adware)!
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