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    If you clear the findbar using Clear field button, you can't Undo (menu greyed out).
    And i'm still struggling without Undo - royal pain!!
  • Also, what;s that white bg in the findbar clear button? I'm using bg, border and box-shadow code (all 'none') but it still has some shadow and gets white bg on hover!
  • Also, the scratchpad 1, the one that suppose to keep text in it on restarts, doesn't, it's empty on Editor restart.
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    OK, remember Fx placed an empty square for bookmarks without favs or not visited? I used to have a style for it, can't find ... Anyway, you see on the pic, one site has been visited and has a fav, others are not visited and have that stupid looking 'globe'. That's the one i need to change (ASAP!image ), it's driving me crazy.

    If i use what i see: #bookmarksMenuPopup menuitem .menu-iconic-icon , it changes favs for all items, visited included. Adding :not(visited) doesn't help.

    Also, clicking XUL button in the editor jumps to the top, used to do that but you had it fixed at some point. I see it again in 55.
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    The globe icon displays when the bookmarked site has no tab image associated with it.
    I went to the Internet Speed Test | site and it does display the proper bookmark icon in the bookmark menu. For some reason your bookmark menu sees all those sites, with the globe icon, as not having a tab icon. The only thing I can think of is my Site Fav in Urlbar addon/script, but it works fine for me.
  • This is a Fx thing. When you visit a site, it gets it's fav. But since i didn't visit all my bookmarks, they get this 'globe' thing. You get the same in a clean profile, try importing your active profile bookmrks html and you should see it. Unless this is happening 'cause i had a clean reinstall of WF 55. This is not your ext., it's the same with it disabled, tried it first.
    The question is, how to change it to some other image. I had it done before ... image
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    I did find a solution for your issue. Let me figure out an easy way to get it to you. Are you using my Site Favicon in Urlbar addon? Needs to be an Add-on and not an Gresemonkey script. Post a pic of an 16px icon you wish to replace the globe icon with, or even post several pic you may want to use. Really doesn't make sense to create another addon with only one short line of code.
  • I would've used this one (it's a clear square)
    Here's another clear icon
    And yet another clear icon
    Feel free to add your own since you're adding it to your ext image
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    OK, this is pretty simple. Go into your user profile and in the (already unpacked so no unzipping) folder, open the chrome.manifest file and copy this and paste over everything already in that file so it reads like so:

    skin sitefavinurlbar classic/1.0 skin/
    locale sitefavinurlbar en-US locale/en-US/
    override chrome://mozapps/skin/places/defaultFavicon.svg chrome://sitefavinurlbar/skin/fav1.png

    All you need to do is change the name and ext. of the fav you want to use from the skin folder. Simply add another icon into the skin folder and use that name instead of fav1.png in the override line. Save and close, that's it. I think posting and re-downloading the entire xpi may lead to unwanted risks. However, I did add the override line into my extension in the event an update occurs.
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    image I'll have to re-read this a few times later ... looks Greek to me.
    Is your updated ext. on your site? I'll install that instead or do i have to do this on every update/install?
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    OK, posted xpi version 55.0.3 on my site Uses a blank image for the globe icon. Let me know if you wish to change that image. Left original version 52.0.1 on the site in the event you need to revert back.
  • That works, thank you very much!
    Now about the Editor. Still dealing with all those problems:
    Undo works 20% (mostly does not)
    Scratchpad 1 clears on Editor exit
    XUL button jumps to the top of the code on every click

    Reinstalled twice.
  • Sonny, i wonder if the version you use is the same that is on your site. Can you install the one from your site to a clean profile and check it? I'm asking because we had all this 3 issues before and they've been fixed one by one.
  • OK, in new clean profile, undo works and I see the other two you have listed above. Also see no findbar and two Go To Line # boxes. Haven't found other issues yet. Just started with new profile. Working on the issues I listed for now.
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    I have findbar but i do see doubled GoTo boxes as well.
    Undo works sometimes. But if you click anywhere else, like the Preview button, it won't work. And it never works if you use Comment button, you can't undo it and have to delete those manually.
  • OK, I see some other issues as well. I think what I am going to do, but will take awhile, is to consolidate all three Stylish add-ons into one. Will also give me a chance to update coding. Any suggestions before I start?
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    No, not really. I'm good with everything (when it works). I'll be testing new build in a clean profile to avoid possible interference with other exts.
    Good Luck!
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    one thing, not sure it's possible though, - a button to change back slashes to slashes. When posting a local image url from the file picker, it shows as windows default with back slashes but Stylish doesn't read this, it needs slashes:


    Jason has never gotten around to fixing this and i don't remember what he said last if it was possible or not, don't remember now. What do you think? If it's possible, this would be really nice to have.
  • Moved from I have some problems with Stylish Editor²:

    I have some problems with Stylish Editor²:
    Now, the "Undo" button don't work with the standard editor (but work with Code Mirror ).
    If i use the "Undo All" button, it undo all the modification as expected.

    I tried to uninstall all (Stylish / Stylish Editor² / Stylish² / Findbar Fix etc...) and reinstall them after cleaning Pref but no change ...

    Maybe it was after installing Findbar Fix(It should added into Stylish Editor², no?) ?

    Ok i could use Code Mirror , but i prefer the Standard editor ...
    Can you find a solution for that ?

    The Icons of the Go to line" and "Cursor at " buttons are not very visible (gray on gray...) " and i have the "Go to line" item / field twice (i don't know from wich extension it come)
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    As Sonny said above, he found the problem, there's more than one, read my post here and he's aware of the doubled Line number boxes too. He's going to combine all three exts. (S, SC and Editor). We just need to sit back patiently and let him work his magic.
  • Thanks !
    This post and the previous one are huge....
    Wait and see !
  • As short solution, i downgrade to waterfox v.54 (from v.55 where appear undo problems)
    And with it it work without problem...

    Find it here:
    Waterfox Download Archive
  • Maybe it was not a good idea:
    You cannot downgrade Firefox 55 profiles

    So, for testing, I rebuild a fresh profile in waterfox 55.2.2:
    - Install Stylish (normal addon)
    (but can't Install Stylish² , because i hide the Normal's Stylish Icon and i can't find an other).
    - Install Stylish Editor 2 (stylish-editor2-55.0.4.xpi)

    Now , i experiment some new bugs :
    With Code Mirror:
    - I Can't use the Undo button (no effect).
    - Use of "!important; " button work.

    With the normal code editor:
    - I Can use the "Undo" button (Work).
    - I can't Use of "!important; " button (no effect) and don't find where i can edit this button in the settings.

    For the "!important;" problem i test to regain it with Stylish Custom² ( stylish-custom2-55.0.4.xpi) where we have setting for it , but without chance.

    What's the right way to have these !important + Undo functions working together ?
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    The 'right' way is to wait for Sonny, [url=]as i said above[/url].
    As Sonny said, he's working on consolidating Stylish, SC and Editor into one ext. and will fix all this probs in the process. I don't think bumping this thread will help him. Be patient and wait.
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    I wait ....
    I just wanted to know if some others users find a way more comfortable to wait.
    Edit a huge Userstyles without a functional Stylish² is a pain in ass....

  • Any news on a progress?
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    I tried a couple of different migration methods and it is proving to be more cumbersome that I anticipated, due to the inter-actions of the three xpi's. It is looking like I may have to code everything from scratch to do it correctly.
  • OK, then how about fixing the Editor probs i mentioned here?
  • Waterfox
    Haven't forgotten. Been updating all my buttons/add-ons due to changes in Waterfox updates.
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