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    q1k said:

    natalieg said:

    For now, the easiest way to reach me with suggestions or for asking to join the beta group is through, but once our beta group is up, I’d be happy to use something that all members of the group can can communicate through. Does Slack makes sense? Or should be open a private thread in this forum?

    I would be happy to give suggestions and help out, but I don't want to join any beta groups.
    So my suggestion is, you to be more transparent and post publicly what is happening and what the plans are, so that everyone can have a say in it, be them in a group or not.
    Totally agree.
    natalieg said:

    every time a browser navigates to a new page, the extension queries the servers for saved and available styles. The data collected includes the current, previous and referrer pages and for each new install a random user ID is created.

    So this includes full browsing history per identifiable user... what's easy to imagine is accepting this will imply a tradeoff for the user... and what's hard to imagine is people opting-out this will get a normal (at least as normal as it has been until now) usage.

    Will see.

  • The tracking should be opt-in only. I'll uninstall for now.
  • Nope, nope nope nope! Uninstalling!
  • Why is this not pinned with the "Announcement" tag?
  • Dunno, maybe in the hope of getting this unfortunate thread down to the second page? ;-)
    I've come so far to always think the worst... how did I only get there... :-(
  • I strenuously object to making us opt out of joining the market research panel. The honest, ethical, polite thing to do is to make it an opt-IN setting. You NEVER sign people up for things without their EXPRESSED consent! Don't you know that?
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    Even after providing your consent to this Privacy Policy, you are entitled to change your mind. If you do, you may opt out of the data collection and sharing process (by deselecting the checkbox next to the words 'Send anonymous data to Stylish developers' in the 'Manage Styles' section of the Stylish extension)."

    There is no such checkbox in the 'Manage Styles' section of the extension. So I guess it's not too late for you to make sure that opt-OUT is the default setting while you are making sure we are NOT opted in to the market research panels by default.
  • So what's the latest on this???
  • DIMPIE said:

    So what's the latest on this???

    Hi DIMPIE, the Firefox version of Stylish uses a much different code base from the Chrome version, so this thread is not applicable to Firefox. As for what's happening in the Chrome version of Stylish, I have not been paying attention (I rarely use Chrome).
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