V19.0.3 feedback

About: Youtube Black & Red (-DestructiveBurn-)

Mostly good (as far as I can see)
Just a little problem when on a playlist page (the ones with the list of videos in a playlist), the playlist title section is on top of the list of the videos.


  • edited September 2017 Chrome

    Thanks for the report. That was a page I missed on both of my Youtube themes.
    So here's the update log on both.

    Youtube Black & Red (-DestructiveBurn-) CSS3
    V.19.0.5 Sep, 17/2017 Fixed Playlist From overlapping text. (Reported By User). Styled Background and on Playlist watch pages.

    Youtube Dark Black (-DestructiveBurn-)
    V: Sep, 17/2017 Styled Background and on Playlist watch pages.

    Report any other issues you may find. Links to those problems will help me greatly.
    Have a good day.
  • Found another issue, bit of strange one tho:
    when mouse overring over the left panel (the one containing your subscription list, registered playlist etc...) the window scrollbar skinning is removed.
    (found more info, activating the left panel scrollbar with is skinning by mouse overring over it, it remove temporarily the window scrollbar skinning)
  • So let me get this right, when you hover over the left menu it shows the scroll bar on the menu but the main scrollbar on the right disappears. That is the design of how the new template is created. I just missed a section (( html:not([style-scope]):not(.style-scope), )) that needed to be styled to remove the white.

    Hope that solves the issue. It's been uploaded.
  • Yep, completely fixed, I'll still be on the lookout if I find another bug :3
  • Ok. Thanks for the reply back. Glad everything works so far :)
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