Suggestions for the next version of Stylish?



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    This might be a limitation of Gecko and therefore not something you can fix but is it possible to prevent the pretty printing of XML that has a Stylish style?
  • Why would you want to do that?
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    When a style is deleted, it is just plain gone, and sometimes I like to refer back to the code of some old styles.
    It would be rather neat if Stylish would create a "stylish-trash.txt" file in the profile folder that contained the description/code of all deleted styles.
    When a style is deleted its contents could be transferred/appended to that file.
    Then have a "Trash" button on the stylish manager toolbar that would open up that text file in the editor.
  • If you don't want things gone forever, I'd recommend just leaving them disabled (possibly adding a _ in the name to group them together).
  • It'd be neat if the code from SlayerOffice "Style Sheet Tweak" bookmarklet were adapted to Stylish.
  • Here's something that seems to happen to me quite a bit...

    - Bring up the Stylish manager window (using statusbar icon)
    - Minimize the manager window
    - Bring up the Stylish manager window again using the statusbar icon
    - Where's the window? Oh, duh, it's still minimized in my taskbar.

    What I would like to see is the manager window restore itself and of course bring itself into the foreground. In other words, if the manager window is minimized and I try to bring it up again from the Firefox statusbar icon, it should restore and focus the window from its minimized state. Of course I should notice that I have it's minimized in the taskbar, but for some reason I rarely ever notice it and I end up clicking "Manage Styles" in the Stylish statusbar popup menu a few times and wondering why it's not working ;p Anyway, can this be done, or is it more of an OS thing?

    BTW, I'm using Windows if it isn't obvious.
  • +1. I do this alot and i'm sure we aren't the only ones... (btw, i sometimes think how ... strange it is that my dog has learned to walk on a leash; eat and bring me her empty dish for cleaning; sit, roll, jump,etc. on command; ... - all in the same while i'm using stylish and just can't get used to looking down before clicking on the manager again and again!..).
    Anyway, it would be really nice, yes.
  • That's easy enough to do - I have the code already for that for the edit dialogs.

    I would think that that's why Firefox should do by default - can anyone find a bug about it?
  • Syntax highlight PLEASE !!! [-O<
  • What new features do you think are needed for Stylish to be "complete"?
    I have quite a few multi-site styles. Right-clicking to edit is fine--for me--but, what would be really great is some way to jump directly to the first entry within the style that matches the current site (current tab).
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