what do you do when someone rips your code?

I have CC BY on my style and someone has taken my styles code, and the next most popular style, taken the mesh and put it up as their own style with no link, no credit and also without any attribution on that rip off. I think they've just had both styles switched on at the same time.

I've asked them to link and give credit, but there has been no answer in several days. What do I do next?


  • You could submit a copyright complaint: https://userstyles.org/copyright-notice
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    @"Mark Phillips" Until the current admin says otherwise, I can archive the style in question, pending compliance with the terms of your CC license. Unless circumstances require immediate action, previously Jason would give the offending author a week or so to respond to copyright requests, which I think is reasonable.
  • Thanks both. I'll give it another week for a response and then I'll follow the link that Jefferson provided.
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    Give it bad rating, link your rating post to your style so that those interested can install the original.
    Go for a swim or a drink, whichever pleases you, relax and let calico delete the style. After all, it's not a time machine you created, just a style, does it worth it? Many of us had this happen, some more than once. Survived.
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    Another option would be to obfuscate your code as a deterrent. Most non devs see that and will bypass it or at least make it a pain for the would be plagiarist to modify.
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