About: Flight Rising: Highlight Swipp & Baldwin Items v2
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You forgot add:
Herdbeast Hoof (i see there:

Oh, and this is REALY USEFULL and HELPFULL style :D I love this! (before i find i must create list xD and always search...)


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    Thank you for the heads-up ^^ However, that item was retired from Swipp, but the admins simply never got around to removing it from the Encyclopedia listing. This was stated on the May 15, 2016 "Magical New Garb!" announcement, under the Additional Updates section at the bottom of the post. Check it out here

    I am happy to know that you find this style useful! It sure is tedious and aggravating to have to manually remember and keep tabs on the large amount of Swipp/Baldwin items, otherwise.
  • New Item using in baldwin?

    img[src$='/trinket/790.png'] /* Round Pebbles (Fire Festival 2017) */
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