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    Hello Mark. Since yesterday I can refresh page then change advanced settings and update, but when I refresh again previous changes I made are not saved there
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  • Chromium 58.0.3029.110, still nothing works
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    @pabli @natalie

    REFERENCE: update button.

    I have since discovered that when you reload a page after choosing settings, the INSTALL button says 'Style Installed'.

    But, when you then click the Advanced Style Settings button, the 'Style Installed' button changes to 'Update Style' even before you've changed a style.

    The behaviour I and others are looking for is there, but it's a little hidden.
  • As far as I can tell, after all this time the new site is STILL not usable for the majority of your users - the ones that use it with the many userscript extensions other than Stylish.

    Why? Because many of the community-created scripts that we give this site for free with our hard work rely on the user inputting certain settings - OR THEY DO NOT FUNCTION. After weeks you guys finally added back a half-baked, partially working implementation of script parameters that, like the many other site features, worked flawlessly on the old design.

    Well, when those "advanced style settings" (or params) do NOT apply when the user clicks to install as a userscript - well.....the site is still 100% useless. Why add back params and then not apply them to the majority of your userbase and just assume we will all just edit every script to hard-code the required params ourselves.

    This is so literally like the old addage of "reinventing the wheel" that this site design is SO much from scratch and despite all these functions being canned in tons of code already out there, you guys look like kids literally like that addage drawing a circle from scratch - but freehand now without a protractor and looking at each other when it is not a circle, but an egg. Why you would not have simply re-skinned the old site or better yet, just utilized any of the thousands of implementations of these missing functions that are already out there and do not require this assinine "from scratch" approach being taken. Either way, after all these pains already undergone I cannot imagine anyone is really THAT blown away that this design is really THAT much a justification for any of this pain. Not when you could have spun up wordpress with a canned template and literally offered more functionality than this site had on day one of the release - and in some ways still offers us now.

    +1 another critical bug.
  • It's been almost a month since I posted here, saying "I cannot install user styles."
    I still cannot install user styles.
  • Hi Natalie

    Grateful for the improvements and restoration of style settings.

    A major problem still exists with style settings, which is that the 'update style' button only appears on first install, and after that, you have to delete in order to tweak settings. That makes my style, which has over 50 style settings for those who want a full on skin generator, rather useless.

    As has already been mentioned, a page refresh should allow for a style settings update to appear by default.

    You're half way there - don't compromise on these essential functions.

    Hi Mark,

    Sorry I forgot to mention it in the release notes, but it was also fixed already.
    Just checked it again and it works. Let me know if you're still seeing a bug there.
  • Thanks Natalie for the reply. I discovered how the 'update style' behaviour actually works. After applying settings, a page refresh followed by pressing 'Advanced Style Settings' changes the 'Style Installed' to 'Updated Style', allowing users to modify style settings and reapply the style.

    While this behaviour works well when you know about, it's undermined by the fact that on reloading the page, you at first see 'style installed', when people were previously used to seeing 'update style', so they think the functionality has disappeared completely and that they cannot update the style any more.

    I have tried to educate my users about it in the description.
  • Unfortunately I really starting to think about creating a fork
  • will the search dysfunction be addressed at some point, or is this nonsense to stay?
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    Please, bring back 'display: none' for update button, instead of replacing it with "Style Installed". Current behavior broke my style for easy updates. "Style Installed" is absolutely useless element. Page refreshing is not comfortable, if you play with a bunch of options. So I wrote a style, but it's useless now.

    UPD: Button doesn't work even if I paste it to DOM manually =(
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    Getting there.
    Little URL encoding problem still present:
    Browsing page for styles applying to sites with a dot in their site name here (eg: last.fm, userstyles.org)
    redirects here: userstyles.org/styles/browse?category=last
    instead of going here as it should: userstyles.org/styles/browse/last.fm
    Replacing the dot with %2E fixes the issue.
    eg: userstyles.org/styles/browse/last%2Efm

    Also, the site name under "Applies to:" on style pages, was a link for all styles aplying to this site.
    Now it's just text, would be nice having that being a link again.
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    My style have a custom functional, how i can make searchable tags for users?
    Title of style - is a short, and can't contain tags, but it is single field using for search.

    Search results page

    • Tiles contain very short style title, and not have title attribute for read full style title
    • Tiles isn't contain a description of style
    • List view contain is very short style title and description

    Style view page

    • Where users can see more screenshots?

    Custom settings

    Thank you for returned advanced settings for style, but it is maked ugly for users

    • user settings is not saving and loading for style update
    • settings hidden under button and not evry user know what it is exists
    • settings fields not aligned and flowing in block
    • setings block and save button positioning is not logical
    • page refreshing is needed for access to update button, after first click. What to do if i change settings?


    Please, return for me Old Site Version, PLEASE! I beg you!
    Who asked you to make new design? you novice and have not enough expirience...

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    This "updated" version of the site is total bs. Doesn't even look very good, tons of bugs, usability is terrible. I've been specifically avoiding it at this point. It's a real mess. I've updated my styles on github, but I'm weary of even updating them or waiting for an alternative to this. Why fix something that isn't broken?
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    Install style button does not work since the new style!!!!
  • Sergei ZH said:

    Unfortunately I really starting to think about creating a fork

    Good plan. The only thing you need to do is listen to the community and you are all set!
  • It's don't freakin' work! I just CAN'T install NOTHING - the button "Install" is just don't do anything!
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    I like the change in the site's look, but not its feel. It's like going from a basic people-mover to a hypercar that doesn't have half of the amenities you want. Also this was in my draft for some reason. Nonetheless, there is one important thing I've seen since the re-incarnation of userstyles.org;

    You can now install styles as scripts if you use GreaseMonkey / TamperMonkey. But the link for it looks so out of place, and the developers could so easily make the install button dynamic depending on what plugins the website detects, and have some non-intrusive modal that says something like "userstyles.org is best experienced with Stylish" or some other bullocks to goad people into installing it.

    Fix the install button so it doesn't just handle Stylish and I think a lot of people will be less pissed off.
  • Demetrio said:


    They scrapped the old site with no plans to roll it back. I mean, sure they could probably get the frontend from archive.org but the backend is what really matters and without that, the "Soul" of the old site is dead.

    This is the future. Get use to it or check out. Both options suck.
  • natalieg said:

    Here's a quick recap of the bug fixes and feature releases we've had in the past week:

    Good improvements. Hopefully the list view is saved between sessions. Would be better if the screenshots were larger in this view, as per the size when clicking an Author's contributions as they're very hard to make out at such a small, cropped scale. That Author view also displays screenshots with a fuller height rather than being forced into a short rectangle.

    The style pages apparently still don't have any way to see the original screenshot at native size or any other screenshots. This would be worthwhile adding in an update soon seeing as it's an important part of deciding upon a userstyle.

    Not scaling smaller images to the full width of the screenshot container on style pages would also be something that would be excellent like to see.
  • Did you know that Stylish has a menu item which let you hunt for styles specific to a domain?
    It doesn't work!

    Let's say we search for styles for drama.net. This produces the URL: userstyles.org/styles/browse?category=drama and opens in a new tab. The resulting page contains nothing related to drama.net, but a lot of stuff with drama anywhere in the style description even as part of bigger words like Monodramatic. BTW: The links for the pages 1 till 4 are missing the keyword and will lead you to most popular styles instead.

    As another example let's search for animeseason.com. Here shows the result only one style because userstyles.org/styles/126126/animeseason-1280 has @-moz-document domain("animeseason.com") in its code, but not the word animeseason in its description. (Both URL and title were obviously ignored for indexing.)

    I highly recommend you to not only include hints from the code, but give it a higher ranking, at least for domain based searching. Seeing, what someone has done with iframes here, I doubt it will realized ever.
  • gnblizz said:

    BTW: The links for the pages 1 till 4 are missing the keyword and will lead you to most popular styles instead.

    For the time being one way I found to fix this until the devs fix it themselves was add a "&page=#" with the search (for example plex&page=2 would return results for plex and would show things that would be found on page 2)
  • I cannot log in to my styles for some reason. I used to log in via Google, but when I click the link, it comes up with a message saying that name is already taken, without even showing me any Google accounts to login with.
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  • Misteryus said:


    Sergei ZH said:

    Unfortunately I really starting to think about creating a fork

    PLEASE DO. Majority of people (users) here are looking for some good alternative and wait if someone would actualy fork it. What new ''leadership'' = owners of Userstyles did is complete BS. I also noticed this @natalieg only replys to FEW people who congrats them on their new site and treat the rest of 99% of people here like shit and and with silence. People who actauly made this site posible have no voice here and what is vorse, from last year = Oct. 2016 this site spy on their (Stylish) users, collecting "anonymous" user data and share/sell them with/to marketing companies. One of these company is SimilarWeb, a company that provides data analytics and market insight for various online services and Userstyles share our data with that company..
    I think people would have no problem donating some money trough ''Go Found me'' account if set it up, if need it for new fork. This way we would again have ''Stylish'' addon and people behind it who actauly doesn't ignore their users and would talk to them and listen what devs/coders of themes/skins have to say and what is most important, no one would spy on anyone!
    There's already a fork of the extension for Chrome (Stylus), the main problem would be the website. Some might be restorable from the Web Archive, but that is not open source, so the fork would be illegal.
  • The site is the harder part but do'able
    We have an issue open about making a site (https://github.com/schomery/stylish-chrome/issues/32)

    No plan has been made just yet but...

    The old code for the site is wrote in ruby and is GPL and on Github. The only thing not backed up / Licensed is the database with the user accounts and styles.
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