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About: Gizmodo Trimmed 2019 (Kotaku, The Onion, Kinja)
It would be nice to have the nav bar stuck to the top. Sometime I forget what site im on :)

.global-nav {
position:fixed !important;


  • I have made the multiple changes to implement the hardware-assist rendered static NAVBARS with all the right shadowing/padding/etc. on all their sites regardless of the varying heights. Because I have also made enough other changes to my copy to almost constitute a "remix" I have to determine just how much of this script is left as to whether it is easier for DarkanX to just implement this himself but the important part is, even with the current versions of the sites - this can easily still be done today.
  • It looks like DarkanX just updated the script but if he's reading it looks like he put the wrong month in the changelog and listed MARCH 13th and it should actually be APRIL. :)
  • Here's a quick couple screenshots of what mine has gotten to with the Gawker family of sites.

    1st screenshot is at top of page, with theme ads removed, etc.:

    2nd screenshot I've scrolled down to show the static navbar and shadowing etc. and other enhancements:
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