Tampermonkey/Greasemonkey userscript issues

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Not going to post a lot here because I simply don't see the author Panos even reply to folks so won't waste my time if he doesn't want the help, but I've recently been helping a few other userstyles DEVs who also have syntax issues in their submitted Stylish CSS code that then results in the site's auto-converted userscript.js having critical errors in this case even preventing ANY execution at all due to missing include directives, etc.

Panos, PM me please and I'll be happy to help you make the required changes so that your userbase of folks using userscript.js vs Stylish (who knows that may even be a majority) can enjoy this. I know how to make the fixes which I have had to do manually with every update you have made (so mine works) but unless you make the required changes in the core CSS prior to the site conversion (many don't realize that the userscript.js on this site are actually created by the SITE from plain CSS) then any changes to the end userscript.js simply get overwritten and blown away at the next script update.



  • Sorry for being late on posting back to your request, but lately I've been traveling a lot especially through overseas and I couldn't even have the chance to get some web access..Is the problem now still exists? Cause for some reason I'm not facing any kind of visual issues.
  • Yes, your script as a userscript is flat out missing ANY includes so without manual fiddling won't even execute on Tamper/Greasemonkey. Just download the converted userscript on the site (not the Stylish CSS version) and you clearly can see the headers are missing the includes - because the submitted CSS must have the proper MOZ statements with very specific syntax and looking at your submitted CSS, it's not in the proper format hence why the converted userscript is missing the includes.
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