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  • Thanks Collin, I got rid of the white gradient, the box near the very bottom isn't so simple but I'll see what I can do.

  • All fixed up :)
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    No problem and again hate to be a nag, but bad news, I just updated and both white boxes are still there (screenshot below):!AhSqjTYUuHPKgcRCRdWwNE7c46_Nrg

    As you can see, those 2 white elements are specific to books which is why I did not previously see/report them and maybe why you haven't seen them since paper books popularity has kinda sunk these days. :)

    At a real quick f12 glance it almost looks like at least one (if not both) are actually within iframes which is a bit different than their other elements I've been looking at.

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    Well how odd, no such problem here on Firefox or Chrome! are you sure thats my theme? I have to ask as the colour looks different (maybe you've changed it yourself). I will say that if it's an iframe then we're buggered really.

    EDIT: I cannot re-create that at all, it's all fully themed on my end!
  • Yes just took another screenshot and did a full reinstall took that last one as I was toggling the color:!AhSqjTYUuHPKgcRDL3f7bfc2w6_IHQ

    Again here's the URL to test:

    Be sure you verify that's the URL you're viewing - the smile version etc.

    It's Chrome x64 on Windows. Your code change DID fix the white box border at the very bottom of that listing - so it did show one change just did not fix these 2 white boxes.

    Here's the CSS on the page being applied to the iframe white boxes:!AhSqjTYUuHPKgcRGjq10CTEGXolF6g

    ...and what happens when I kill the Amazon iframe CSS to confirm it's what's being applied (note I unchecked the checkbox next to their FFFFFF):!AhSqjTYUuHPKgcRHsaoeCVk_ZF9QOA

    Looks like it's being inherited from the body CSS for the iframe like I said at first you must have misunderstood I did a diff on your last code change and I don't think you accounted for this iframe?
  • Thanks for all the info Collin, it simply isn't there at all for me in FF or Chrome the page renders correctly with no white boxes at's bizarre that you are seeing it, not sure what to do really, plus I can't do much about an iframe which inherits from body :(
  • Don't forget to also test with Opera (latest). Keep up the good work, much appreciated.
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