Struggling to make small adjustment/fix myself to help without luck

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Hey Zex,

So I'm really still struggling with friggin CSS and what order this stuff gets applied. On this theme, there's still the code boxes that wind up black on black so you cannot read the text, so I figured I'd take a stab rather than pester you to try to fix it and post the fix. I know what will fix it, I just cannot seem to get it to override it. On this page, click the "SHOW" to expand the code box next to: "tools\githubInstall.ahk" file on the page and you will see the all-black box I was trying to fix:

Here are 2 screenshots:

#1 - My Inspecting that code line element, you can clearly see my bluish style 2 below the black crossed out and trumped by their css file. So, why? How on earth do you adjust a userscript to fix this? I'm so lost because literally, the 2 CSS element definitions are identical and worse yet already in the darn userscript, not a single element different. So why on earth are there two and one isn't just overriding the other?!AhSqjTYUuHPKgcM_EHEc7L6LBx8NRg

#2 - The userscript CSS matching perfectly the text that still appears all black, and my userscript CSS clearly is being applied since it is in the above screenshot #1, only crossed out for some darn reason:!AhSqjTYUuHPKgcNAmk8EOgNoSQv8pA

Anyway, I'm trying to learn this so if it's something easy and you can possibly post something to show me what and more importantly HOW you determined what needed overriding etc. I would really appreciate it.




  • ZexZex
    edited March 2017 Chrome
    You're duplicating a style element, the last one will be applied.

    As for the bugs, fixed in v1.3. Also I enjoy creating and fixing css styles, so the more feedback, the better.

    Edit: Just realised, page styling inside code section is added post custom css load, so it can't be applied. (I've reverted cody style to default white) :(
  • Ahh see so I wasn't losing my mind! So, not that we'd ever want to, but only if you had a separate site-specific userscript that instead loaded at document END, I bet then you'd be able to override that code block?

    I sat for hours trying to figure out why that looked like it was applying and then reverting as I monitored it! LOL
  • Yup, but it would work if we had a JS script, css can't be loaded more than once.
  • Hey back to this one if you get a min, you said if we had JS but in my case I do since it's a TM conversion so i'm curious how would you go about fixing this with JS? I'm guessing jQuery?
  • ZexZex
    edited March 2017 Chrome
    Yes, jQuery could work. Select all elements that you want to change, then add custom css there.
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