Best Global Dark Style Without Breaking Any Websites!!!

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This is the only global dark style that doesn't break any elements on any websites. I had tested all other global styles and they all break something on many websites. The author work hard and fast to bring this awesome style for the public to enjoy browsing in the dark without any problems. I wasted 3 weeks looking for a perfect style, this is it!

Thank the author by make a donation for using his awesome style as I did. I had to make a donation because it runs perfectly and doesn't break anything on all websites. My eyes are now saved from eyes strain because of those bright white websites. I wish all web developers make black background on all websites as the new standard in this millennium. No more glaring white background!

To complement this perfect style, install "Morpheon Dark" theme in Chrome Web Store. Also install "Violent monkey" script manager in Web Store and script called "Smoothscroll" to have faster, more responsive and smooth scrolling on laptops/ultrabooks since Chrome scroll and zoom are horrible. Make sure to change the scrolling settings to your liking and save it. If you don't know how, ask me. My settings are 0,2,0,60 in order from top to bottom. Try it out. You will have the best Chrome experience.

Happy dark web browsing,



  • Thanks! have a happy time with it!
  • Unfortunately I'm having the exact opposite experience. With GM/TM, this script does not play well with ANY other script. In fact, is seems (I have not had time to dig through the code yet) to do more of an active "reversing" of colors because unlike other "global" darkening scripts that tend to multiply effects with site specific darkening scripts, this one seems to reverse the site specific script colors en mass.

    I do agree it seems initially at first glance to do a better job but IF this were the ONLY color changing script I ran.....and I certainly am not going to begin manually excluding mass numbers of sites so I'm not sure yet what the answer is........
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    method is simple, it is inverting entire page at first and invert back images, videos those inside of pages.

    yeah it woudn't display some colors properly, logically it have to turn all the color back to normal but range of color is limited, it's out of my range to fix the problem.
    I can give you an alternative option though. if you think color of images are more important than fonts then try option "without hue rotate filter" which I just made.
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  • and the GM/TM stuff. well I donno why that's happening on you.
    I'm using windows 10 and newest version of chrome with stylish app.

    every time I come back to re select the option for the exclude site. the cashe on my computer automatically re-enter the previous texts that I wrote before so I don't have any trouble to use that.

    maybe if you connect with jason difrectly then might be he can give you a solution.
  • CollinChaffin,

    This style doesn't breaks any elements on all websites, it just slightly shifted colors for certain images. You can't keep images original without breaking some elements on many websites using other styles. I tried that already. You don't see any elements disappear on all websites using Chrome Global Black, unlike all other styles out there. You can test the other styles by going to and You will see broken elements using other styles. These two websites are my best testing sites.

    I wish we can keep all images original without breaking anything else but there are limitations using css codes. CSS rules need to add the ability to target certain elements and apply rules to them. For example, we want to target all white background and dark text over it, then reverse it by turning white background black and dark text white. There is no such capability for CSS codes. Maybe someone can contact the CSS organization and have them implement this new capability. We can turn all white background dark without breaking anything and keep all images original that way.

    Until then, we will live with the tradeoff. This style is as good as it gets without making any elements disappear from many websites.


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