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They must have changed or updated since January my message list items are in an all white box, and the header top nav bar is still the blue circuit pic that MS provides. Can you confirm or is it just me?


  • EDIT: Turned back on their "default" theme and fixed the top bar - but nothing I do seems to fix the all white box of message list.
  • can you screenshot the problem? what browser?
  • nevermind should be fixed :)
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    Um, I just verified I've checked for latest update and did get an update on this script, but no change just to show you how bad it is here's a full screenshot. As you can see, the selected message in the list is proper color (I think), but otherwise that whole list still white without hovering, and then look at that selected message detail in the reading pane and all the default text color in message view is so dark everything is unreadable in every message.!AhSqjTYUuHPKgcQCG0lDLd6ZlxFBRA

    I really love the overall look so do hope it's something that can be fixed!

    EDIT: Sorry meant to answer - it is Chrome running the converted userscript installed from here ( but since it's all just CSS styling there really can't be too many conversion issues. If it were lots of Javascript functions or something there could be more issues but the Stylish extension code is really just CSS. Let me know what else I can provide to help debug. Here is another screenshot to help show the element showing white for me:!AhSqjTYUuHPKgcQD-InftpRLh_NO0Q
  • thats the part i fixed when i figured out the forum told me you used chrome. not sure what to do to fix. ill look at again later, if you figure the code i can add it to the master.
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  • try again, i added !important to the fix. maybe it will override now
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    I never got a script update notice, did you increment the version and reupload it?

    EDIT: Even forced a new fresh install and the code didn't change. Can you tell me what line or element you added the !important to?
  • {
    background-color: #000000 !important;
  • That's because it's the wrong element. Screenshots below. I hadn't actually read the code on this theme but there are about 200 missing !importants for override I'm guessing you maybe just copied MS' own CSS since from what I can tell, much of what's in this file really isn't even needed.

    Here's the fix for now below but there are still pretty major errors in here causing tons of dark on dark text in message bodies, etc.

    These are basic CSS elements missing so I'm not clear on how Stylish would have ever been able to just magically fill in what wasn't there. Perhaps you were really running a later DEV version on your machine or something as far as I can tell, without what i just added no CSS interpreter in the world would have colored the inactive message list background dark like you showed - so I'd hang on to your local code it's clearly got fixes in it not present in this online version!

    Fix (Once I saw how many other issues, I just added the right element and saw no reason to remove the one you had put in and left it purely for location reference):!AhSqjTYUuHPKgcQfRn8xqLNMC_y8dA

    So to confirm the missing element was "._lvv_w._lvv_y._lvv_z._lvv_x.listItemDefaultBackground"

    Screenshot of it after this addition(you can also see how message body etc much dark on dark unreadable text):!AhSqjTYUuHPKgcQgtpDlFOcQq9Jd8A

    Again I see a ton of even auto-generated one-time elements in the CSS that are probably a 10 to 1 (or more) that could be eliminated by simply inserting the correct parent element and it seems with the disposable one-time ones that I see that maybe as you debugged this, they were changing on the fly so maybe you just added the new dynamic ones as you kind of fought with it.

    Either way when I have some time I like the look not trying to be overly critical but it is a lot of work I think to fix it all....I will either try to help you consolidate it greatly and fix it more, or I may just do a remix look perhaps more from scratch. I'm single dad of 2 babies so time these days is a big commodity!
  • EDIT: Just got burned for quickly doing what you've been doing. :)

    Because, when I switched to the JUNK folder, that element dynamically changed.

    The fix - as is whenever possible is to use the parent.

    So, I just (re)confirmed that changing that entire line/section to this below is the "best practice" and WORKING fix:

        "    .ms-bgc-nl, .listItemDefaultBackground {",
        "    background-color: #000000 !important;",
  • i tried adding that code to the master, but it kills the hover-color change effect in firefox so im going to leave it out... but at least you got it fixed, i might add the code with hover later.

    im more determined than skilled, i just code and code til il looks the way i want. i learned css from google.
  • .ms-bgc-nl, .listItemDefaultBackground {
    background-color: #000000 !important;
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