Latest update bug or conversion issue?

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Just did a stock update on my script which has the "blue" trim embedded in the update url etc. and got this:!AhSqjTYUuHPKgcNuVvJH4MTwCVwjNA

Luckily I started to back these up so I think I can roll back to a local copy and hold off updating again until you can look into it but it seems like it is only for the because when I check a site, it suddenly looks correct.

Test URL for the screenshot above:

I even tried a full fresh re-install same result. I know now that the Tampermonkey/userscript versions of these styles are "converted" when folks write the CSS targeted for the Stylish extension so perhaps there was a conversion bug if you are developing this one for the Stylish extension?

Sorry to be a pain but wanted to report it quick before anyone notices. :)


  • ZexZex
    edited March 2017 Chrome
    You're correct, this style is broken for me as well. The thing is, when you try to fix something on one page, it messes it up on another. :P
    So these reports are not a pain but are encouraged for a prompt fix. :)

    Fixed in v1.18
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