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Love this theme would like to report yet another dreaded white box area (the shopping cart popover frame on right side) screenshot here:!AhSqjTYUuHPKgcNQO_M4xjJb6k_VCA

Also, I would LOVE an option (either here at installation time or just even a script comment on the line number) to be able to change the background to my own dark pattern as I do in others with that option - just an idea.

Thanks again for the hard work on this!


  • Here's another screenshot there is also a lone white box in the user comments at the bottom shown here (along with the whole bottom and the right side aforementioned cart white box) just so you can see how much white is showing under certain conditions:!AhSqjTYUuHPKgcNRqjIfzD8_XiJHww
  • Sorry one more weird item format that you can see in this screenshot for some reason does not fully render and leaves a weird light grey box whereas the 2nd screenshot is how every other ASIN I view looks with the script enabled:

    Problem item layout (note the "add to cart" button area):!AhSqjTYUuHPKgcNSTuuCUgamZ4R3RA

    vs every other ASIN the "add to cart" area is a different layout that is themed properly:!AhSqjTYUuHPKgcNT_W0qf3IC8OeW-Q

    Seems weird to me but no matter how many refreshes, it seems like there are at least a couple if not more possible item layouts which sure seems dumb.....and makes pretty tough to theme. :)
  • Hi,

    Thanks so much for the pictures, I'll hopefully have those fixed up by days end for you! Great feedback much appreciated.

  • Number 2 is fixed, which amazon are you using? .com, etc, reason I ask is that I don't get a popup on the cart on making it impossible to fix the issue!
  • Sorry I'm USA so .com. It's not a popup, just that right-hand pane docked at side of browser I think my pic shows the white box for it. Just go to any usa ASIN and add to cart don't even need to be logged in I don't think to see the cart sliding box. Thanks for getting to it so quickly!
  • Sorry here is the "bad" US ASIN for some reason a totally different layout and you can see the multiple white areas bleeding through but prob not the big white box saying I purchased this item in past whereas that same box on the normal ASINs is darkened:

    Now here is a "normal" or "typical" USA ASIN I see:

    Note the layout/look really does not change other than a small banner at top for the "smile" vs the "www" URL the smile is just to give to charity with the purchase and I try to use it whenever I can.
  • Thanks very much for taking the time to do this. Ok, so for some reason I cannot get that sliding cart box! I'll investigate further as it's an easy fix once I get it to show.

    As for that weird layout issue, I'm really struggling to find the cause, is it literally only that item?
  • Ok it's just the cart slider to fix now, but as I say I don't get it! maybe its a setting or a browser thing so I'm going to try different browsers.
  • Are you using Chrome? I just tested and do NOT get it in IE, but do in Chrome which is where Tampermonkey is used. I don't run FF so cannot test that one.
  • Hey hate to lay another one on you but this may actually help you figure out what's going on.......2 ASINs very similar layouts the ONLY difference on these 2 I can find is one is offering the subscribe/save and as you can see in screenshot it makes that whole box white but otherwise identical layouts:



    EDIT: I tried to at least assist and nail down which CSS is problematic for you so the 2nd screenshot for each above shows what's happening - the additional element class on the missing white box not sure what Amazon was thinking but their CSS is really complex.

  • I'll get on that tomorrow, thanks for your help its much appreciated. Oh, no matter what I use or do I cannot for the life of me get that cart slide box to show, crazy.
    Amazon css is terrible, it doesn't cascade at all, that's why it's so time consuming to theme.
  • Fixed that white box :)
  • Awesome! Checking it out now!
  • Looks much better you did get that white box on that weird ASIN here's the screenshot just to point out (and I helped by getting you the CSS element that's missing) the common box indicating if you have already purchased an item has always been missing in the theme and it's element is in the 2nd screenshot for you if you want to add it. Figure I'll try to be part of the solution and learn along too rather than just point out problems without offering anything. :) Also, I wanted to take the time to better format in markdown these issues as I report them to make it that much easier for you since you already put so much work into creating the theme to begin with!

    Two Elements Still Needing Theming:

    BUG 1: "Already purchased" white box


    Here is that fixed ASIN (to confirm that fix is good) but shows the "already purchased" unthemed box:

    Click here for screenshot


    Here is the CSS element missing (a-box-inner a-alert-container):

    Click here for screenshot

    BUG 2: "Dynamic Shopping Cart Dock" white box


    Also, in the same screenshot below you can still see that dreaded "shopping cart" white slider box that only appears....get this I figured out the missing darn piece of why you could not get it to show....drumroll....your browser width MUST BE 1400px for it to magically appear!! Once it does slowly resize down the width once you hit 1399 and watch the darn thing disappear....I bet anything when you were testing that your width (MUST ALSO BE OUTSIDE OF THE DEV DOCK 1400 ITSELF) was less than 1400! I nailed down what CSS element might be missing for you to try (element is div class="ewc-scroll-area"!!)

    Click here for screenshot


    Here is the CSS element missing (div class="ewc-scroll-area"):

    Click here for screenshot

    So since I'm really enjoying getting into this (can you tell?) have to ask I use Windows 7 x64 and Chrome just with the builtin DEV f12 tools to inspect CSS, since you are an official "theme builder" I have to ask, if you don't mind telling me what tools/utils do you use to map out and identify all the CSS as you build a userstyle/userscript? Just looking for a leg up to be more efficient if possible!

  • Wow great job, thanks very much. Could you update and check if I've got it when you get a chance please? I'm not 100% sure as I can't check (which makes me nervous! ;))
    As for tools, I simply use Firefox developer edition for styles much the same as you do in chrome but it's better in that particular version of Firefox imo. I will then usually use notepad++ to lay it all out, sometimes I just do it straight in this amazon one, which is coded messily.
  • Sorry have 2 babies at home so have had hands full will try to check it out soon.

    So you know I had a note here in notepad that I forgot to send you, line 392 (of my converted userscript.js version) has a kind really bad practice IMO and isn't even working (because assuming it's your dropbox?) now says it isn't even valid, anyway is trying to tell everyone's browser to pull an image from dropbox in this line:

     background-image: url( !important;

    Just wanted you to know like I said that account is now dead (hopefully this didn't get it banned, LOL!). I can't even tell from a glance what header graphic is that supposed to replace?

  • Ah I missed that one, I embedded all the other images because dropbox public folder no longer works, I'll fix that up asap, I have no idea what it actually is lol
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