Scriptcenter section blocks are slipping through the theme

About: Simple Modern Dark Microsoft 2018
Not sure if MS changed something or if I just hadn't hit this section before, but if you go to

You will see the bunch of white section boxes that seem to just be slipping through the theming and I'm not familiar enough with the CSS (yet - I'm trying) to quickly see why so whenever you get a sec if you could take a look you've been so friggin fast it will probably take you about 30 seconds as usual to figure out what's going on.


  • Oh I forgot to mention on that page you will see the white boxes I'm talking about but wanted to also show you if you click the actual script button to download it, not the hugest deal but that white box with the EULA stuff is kinda now white on white which is prob just part of whatever is going on?
  • Fixed in v1.13. Thanks for the feedback, as usual! :)
  • Looks slick as hell as usual! :)
  • I wonder though is it just a caching bug going on that no matter which of the 3 color selctor trim colors I pick now I keep only getting the Green, or could that be change related?
  • Nope something got fubarred here if I look at the source even if I do a full reinstall from scratch it does have the correct color TRIM right in the URL source (Blue in this case): Modern Dark Microsoft.user.js?ik-acc_clr=ik-acc_blue

    But no matter which is selected, all three are currently serving up only GREEN trim. Looks awesome otherwise not sure if this is the userscripts site or the update you made just wanted you to be aware you got me hooked on switching to BLUE now and it figures I had been running nothing but the green before, LOL!
  • Whoops my bad, I apologize. Re-Released it now.
  • Looks perfect I feel bad as much as I'm nagging you may have to start adding letters to the version numbers, LOL!
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