Warning this code differs from Github......including colors....why?

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EDIT: Nice update of trim color selection!


  • A few more mystery differences even in the BASE64 of the background image between Github and here which is actually a bit more concerning. Why would the BASE64 of the embedded PNG background even differ?

    It appears for anyone that wants the GREEN trim color scheme just needs to open this script and do a CTRL-H in notepad replace all occurrences of "#ff3544" (the red) and replace with the Github shown in the picture GREEN "#35ff8b".

    Still would feel better hearing from author as to why all these weird differences despite mult header versioning etc. all showing v1.1. Perhaps just need to post the red version as a new version all together, and then depending on the reasoning of the BASE64 differences (did the PNGs get re-optimized to make them change, etc.), decide which version is newer and properly increment one or the other since they are not the same.

    Just a suggestion. Hope it helps others who may also be pulling their hair out.
  • There is a bug in the background color of some items such as this one on the MS KB articles:


    And here is a screenshot showing the problem - the white bars are also white foreground text that is unreadable with this theme applied:

  • Thanks for the feedback!

    I'm using green version of my style, that's why it's like that on GitHub. [GitHub doesn't have an option to select the "accent color"]

    As for on userstyles, it defaults to red (RGB), so it looks mismatched. Set it green and the code is the same.

    BASE64 is the same on both to me, can you post them somewhere for me to review?

    Fixed in v1.12! :)
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