The new leader of Stylish and



  • Jason was making some testing for Greasyfork yesterday and today so he's always alive...

  • Sorry I haven't been around guys. It's been quite a lot of work taking over this project and taking care of all the transition stuff. Anyway, I'm going to tackle all the bugs as soon as I can and should have something live soon. In the meantime, feel free to post bugs you find to the forum on this thread I just opened:

    Hideheader, not sure what your concern is about the move to Amazon. It's just a server I feel more comfortable with and you can't really expect Jason to continue paying for and maintaining the Stylish server when he's leaving the project, can you?

    Anyway, please be patient everyone, it'll take me a bit of time to catch up on everything.
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    I think my foremost concern is that you botched the move, and as a result users have been installing corrupted styles for the last three days.

    I don't expect Jason to continue paying for the server, not when you're collecting the ad revenue. But, if you don't know what you're doing then you should have let him move it for you.

    Who are you, anyway?
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    I'm pretty sure the new owner is a newbie to manage websites other than personal website from what I see.

    It did not give any credential on who he is sadly.

    TO ME: It's look like has been sold under to the new user under the pretense that you have nothing to do and each months money will come from advertisement.

    Sadly it's lot more than that if you know nothing about CSS/styles/JS/Firefox/Chrome dev the road will be rough for new owner, the styles dev and the users.

    What CAN happen if nothing change quickly is that some non-tech users will try install styles that are mangled complaint to Google that there is some Virus and the site will be flagged as shady/could break your computer.

    Reputation can be lost lot faster than it is acquired.

    The new owner is better for the long term to hire someone who know what he is doing and fix it in a matter of few hours !


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    Your avatar fits your words, Mikhoul.

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    The RTFM meme character avatar is also spot on:

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    Armchair quarterbacks...*rollseyes*
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    What? That's where the character comes from. An odd choice is all. I've got a new meme for calico女 too:

  • There is never a "like" button when I need one.

  • calico女 said:

    There is never a "like" button when I need one.

    @-moz-document domain("") {

    .FlagContent {
    font-size: 0;
    .FlagContent::after {
    content: "Like";
    font-size: small;
    padding: 0 .5em;
    border: thin solid;
    border-radius: .25em;
  • If a whole bunch of posts start getting flagged I'm blaming you. That's a rather cool idea though! I wonder if it's an option for Vanilla....

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    CRITICAL: - Hindman, Barnabe or whoever has the capability MUST validate all UserStyles' CSS hosted on, AND MAKE NOTIFICATION on EACH and EVERY PAGE having a corrupted UserStyle - both with a TEXT NOTICE describing the corruption issue, AND by DISABLING THE "INSTALL BUTTON" of corrupt userstyles - until after the UserStyles corruption issue has been resolved "totally" (see below).
          By the way, there is interesting background reporting about the Barnabe-to-Hindman ownership changeover, and the userstyles corruption issue (which directed my attention to this forum) in the article at I edited the most salient details, as well as the "anagrammer" revelation of the changeover's 16kB CSS file truncation, which is at the root of the userstyles corruption problem, in my PasteBin post at The 16kB CSS file truncation breaks all UserStyles larger than this size, leading to corrupt files which won't install, and that in turn leads to users' stats no longer incementing with new install counts. So user stats not incrementing was a tertiary symptom, deriving from install failures, which derived from 16kB CSS file size truncation during Hindman's takeover. - Apparently, many userstyle authors WERE aware of their install counts not increasing, BUT THEY DIDN'T KNOW THEIR USERSTYLES WERE FAILING TO INSTALL FOR NEW USERS, BECAUSE THE USERSTYLE'S CSS WAS BEING CORRUPTED (truncated at about 16kB). This only affected userstyles whose CSS file was larger than 16kB, so smaller userstyles would still install and run properly.
          User "anagrammer" mentioned "validating styles" in one of his posts in this forum topic. I am not only seconding his suggestion, BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, changing it from a suggestion to a MANDATORY OBLIGATION ON YOUR PART, Justin Hindman, since the actions you took in taking over put in motion this massive failure. And it is a failure STILL UNKNOWN to most affected userstyles' authors AND users who try to install the broken userstyles. YOUR FAILURE, OR REFUSAL, TO VALIDATE ALL USERSTYLE CSS, AND MAKE IMMEDIATE AND PUBLIC NOTIFICATION ON EACH AFFECTED USERSTYLE'S INSTALL PAGE (AND DISABLING THE "INSTALL BUTTON"), WILL BE EVIDENCE OF MALPRACTICE ON YOUR PART. There is NO WAY to protect users, authors, and the reputation of if these required actions are not taken immediately. Both of my most popular userstyles, "Black Google by Panos - R. Schneider Mod (Large)", and "Black Google by Panos - R. Schneider Mod (Medium)", were trashed in your takeover - and I did not know of it until today (almost two weeks after your failure - the installs dropped abruptly to "0" on 9/29/16, and remain there). How many users tried to install one of my userstyles (corrupted by you), and blame me for incompetence? I had 2062 installs of my Large version, and 554 installs of my Medium version, when the install counts stopped incrementing 9/29/16. By the way, "Black Google by Panos", the userstyle my two were derived from (correcting his errors), has almost 500,000 installs - a very popular userstyle, indeed - AND YOU BROKE HIS USERSTYLE, ALSO. He was getting 300-500 installs per week; I was getting around 50 - and now we are both down-and-out until we repost our userstyles. And it is quite possible that Panos Babo doesn't yet know you broke his userstyle, along with so many other authors. VALIDATION OF ALL USERSTYLES' CSS, no matter how laborious, is your ONLY way to get a handle on this - unless you already know how to RESTORE ALL CORRUPT USERSTYLE CSS FROM A VALID BACKUP - hopefully one made JUST BEFORE THE CHANGEOVER. (You were smart enough to make that backup, weren't you?) And if you have a backup, and don't yet know WHAT has to be restored, VALIDATING THE CSS OF ALL USERSTYLES is the ONLY way you are going to find out. DO IT !!!
          And if you DON'T have a way to restore the broken CSS of ALL corrupt userstyles, you MUST notify all affected authors that their userstyles are broken, and that they must repost the CSS. THAT IS IN ADDITION to placing a Text Notice on the Style page, and disabling the "Install Button" (which actions are REQUIRED to notify potential users, and prevent trashing the reputation of the userstyle's author, and Stylish).
          [By the way, authors reposting large userstyles have a major pain, since the CSS editor on has about a 1024 character limit for Copy/Paste. - How stupid is that?]
          Incidently, I have been a huge fan of Jason Barnabe for MANY years, and praise his work and devotion highly on a page for a Greasemonkey UserScript of mine ( This recent failure (and a MASSIVE failure it is), is a major letdown. The ramifications of this problem will not only affect new users trying to install corrupt userstyles - but will very likely impact the reputation of,  Stylish,  userstyles authors - and, of course, Justin Hindman - and for a LONG time, if it is not VERY QUICKLY resolved. The longer a fix takes (assuming a restore-from-backup can take care of ALL corrupt userstyles' truncated CSS), the more likely it is that an older backup restore will wipe out an author's new reposted userstyle that included changes or improvements. Somebody better bust their ass to fix this - NOW !!!
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    image Oh, the drama! ... Count yourself lucky you still have this forum to whine (about ... styles! of all things).

    image (◁ "NOW!!!")
  • Two things comes to my mind: s/anagrammer/anagrammar and Hanlon's razor.
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    No drama, just hard facts. If you disagree with anything I stated, state a factual basis for your disagreement.
    At the time I wrote my first post, the problem of corrupt userstyles (those whose CSS exceeded 16kB and were truncated) had been a REAL, ongoing problem for 11 days - from 9/29/16 through 10/10/16. Eleven days of user-install failures, and negative mojo transferred from to potential users. That means over 500 install failures for one author alone, Panos Babo who hosts his "Black Google by Panos" on (he has over 496,000 installs of his style, and 300-400 more per week in the last month). I am happy to report that Panos' CSS has now apparently been restored, along with my 2, and hopefully all others affected - between the time I wrote my first post and now. My praise goes to Justin Hindman for his attention to this matter, and hope he resolves the remaining issues.
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    I hardly read these forums, but I've noticed a massive decrease in installs. I've already re-uploaded my style which seems to have fixed the corruption issues. However I only have 3 installs this week. I figured that the installs per week would begin increasing after fixing the corruption but it has not.

    Is this a problem with the database (or however these are stored)? Can they be restored without having to re-upload each style?

    As I've read it only affects styles with file sizes larger than 16KB. Can we have an automated system alert everyone whose styles were larger than 16KB that their style may be corrupt?

    Lastly, can we increase the max file size? My Google style hits it repeatedly.

    Seems like Justin is a cool guy, so welcome aboard... Now let's hope we don't sink.
  • i have a question @Justin Hindman:
    the public is interesting as your avatar correlates with your actual appearance?
    do you really wear mustache? and hippie pigtail? would cool if so.
  • Will the new leader improve how this site looks, I swear everytime I send people here they think im scamming them because it looks dodgy, these potential users are annoyingly sceptical as to what userstyles can do.
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    Rahimichi said:

    Will the new leader improve how this site looks, I swear everytime I send people here they think im scamming them because it looks dodgy, these potential users are annoyingly sceptical as to what userstyles can do.

    I really think the design for the site should be this it looks so good
  • CodyMKW said:

    Rahimichi said:

    Will the new leader improve how this site looks, I swear everytime I send people here they think im scamming them because it looks dodgy, these potential users are annoyingly sceptical as to what userstyles can do.

    I really think the design for the site should be this it looks so good
    I dont care about what it is I just want a new professional look so when you herd the sheep here to download they feel safe, so annoying convincing/explaining to them.
  • You're a nasty piece of work, Rahimichi.
  • Indeed I am.

    Get to it new leader, code monkey gets no sleep
  • Rahimichi said:

    (...) I swear every time I send people here they think im scamming them because it looks dodgy, these potential users are annoyingly sceptical as to what userstyles can do.

    Second that: every single time I'm sending link to some style page to someone I pry that he will either not get too scammy ads or he block ads altogether, to avoid awkward apologetic and stuff. (I'm not blocking ads here for myself so I know what one can get.)

    About re-styling I do not feel it is really necessary (historic subjective bias perhaps) but it leads to idea: what about making possible to list styles from in picker and let visitors apply them à la alternative stylesheets. (Do you remember? [1][2])

  • How can i make a custom background with one of my own images
  • Somebody was like "whats the point blocking ads Eyh i've got adblock m8, yer wasting your time M9" Then he told me im trying to send viruses lol, I didn't even know where to start.
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    Welcome Justin.

    If I try to browse all styles in a category (also in 'all' category, but I'm thinking in the subcategories) ordered by update or creation date, i.e. making an empty search, if there are more than 1000 styles there will be styles out of bounds, and if there are more than 2000 I won't be able to reach any of them out of the first or the last 1000 (ascendant, or descendant order of search). Trying to load a results page out the range of that first or last 1000 will yield
    "Query failed - offset out of bounds (offset=1000, max_matches=1000)"
    message. I can understand why there's limits about that, specially for unintended empty searches, but, might there be any non accidental but explicit way (for example, a specific search term) to enable a full listing by update or creation date of styles in a subcategory (excluding 'all' category and other non date sort criteria) in a way similar to the new style graveyard?
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    Justin, also, would be feasible to split forum 'Style Reviews' category by 'App', 'Global' and 'Site' style reviews?
  • I haven't been here in a while ... stuff gets deep realty quickly.
    I've got my popcorn ... I'll watch.
    I've enjoyed this place and fought a bit, posted a few UserStyles, and enjoyed "meeting" new friends.
    Let's keep this for what it is ... a place to grow this idea of people coming together and sharing knowledge,
    Can I get a "Kumbayah" ... ?
  • Gosh, Mike, we're totally kumbaya here. "Kum ba yah" is after all a corruption of the phrase "Come by here", and we've been vigorously corrupting text all month. Both the tune and the lyrics have been reused by other writers without acknowledging the source, and one even claimed it as his own copyrighted work though he had no part in writing it. The song has been passed around and reused so long that no one really knows its origin, much like a Tumblr or Amor Doce theme. So yeah baby, kumbayah!
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