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    Modified (request) version of ChoGGi's Stylish Custom add-on re-named Stylish-Custom2, with id change:
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    Is this the same i have or you updated something (mine doesn't need anything, works great)?

    NM. Installed, looks the same. Thanks!
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    ChoGGi suggested I change the name a tad, as not to confuse. Changed to Stylish-Custom2. Only upgrade was to keep the drop down menu from closing, when clicking on "Turn off/on all styles" menuitem.
  • Yeah, i had that. See no probs, the 2 work great together, a blast!
  • For users of Stylish-Custom, here is a screenshot of Stylish-Custom2. All options in one drop down menu of the Stylish toolbar button.
    182 x 323 - 16K
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    Write new style menuitem opens SC editor too. Can you add SEM editor there also? TIA!

    WAIT! Only top 2 items do, Blank style item actually opens SEM editor. Pretty odd. Can you make it open SEM editor by default (if installed).
  • Awesome, thanks! Had to restart twice, first restart knocked all styles off.
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    can't fine style info window again ... the one you can search all styles for some thing ... where's that now?

    NM, it's under its own button.

    BTW, i think you should change the SC2 icon to something different from ChoGGi's.
  • v0.8.8

    Fixed issue if you have a locked file in your temp directory
    Added a menu separator between "App Styles" and "Write new style"
    Made the tools menu only toggle on left-click (couldn't get it working nicely with onmouseover)
    right-clicking toolbar button was showing firefox menu as well as SC menu
    Insert Text button wasn't working till re-opening edit window
    Auto-magically refreshes list after selecting a different directory
    Added an option to choose between "Edit"/"Write new style" opening in Stylish or SC

    Also added a github for it
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    ChoGGi said:

    [...] Also added a github for it

    What about unzipping in the repository for specificity?
  • Good idea
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    Added Russian Translation (Thanks Shychara)
    Multi-process Firefox fixes: Get StyleSheets menuitem and style tags toggling now work
    Changed default pref for style toggling to disabled
  • For Pale Moon users:

    Until recently I have been using Pale Moon 27 with Stylish 1.4.3 and choggi's SC 0.7.9 - .

    Now that got its new design, "install with Stylish" stopped working Stylish 1.4.3 so I removed stylish 1.4.3 and SC 0.7.9 and instead installed the current Stylish (2.0.7) with SC 0.8.9.

    The new SC 0.8.9 works well with Stylish 2.0.7 except one thing. The findbar of the editor doesn't function.

    I was about to ask the dev (choggi) to try to fix it but suddenly I remembered that in the SC options window there's a checkbox to choose between the "new search" and "old mikado's (makondo ?) search".

    So yes, switching SC to the OLD search fixes Pale Moon's findbar problem !! :D :D :D

    Tested on a new/fresh Pale Moon 27.3.0 profile
    Win 7 x64

  • Oh you're right it doesn't work :)
  • v0.9.0.1

    Info style list is updated when style is saved in edit dialog and vice versa
    Added new style menuitem
    Open a style from the Import dialog
    Fixed issue with New Search not working under Palemoon
    "Style ID" button shows id for newly saved styles

    (_TEST is signed with a different ID, the other one isn't signed)
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  • @ChoGGi , thanks a lot for the very quick fix. Yes, the new version fixes the findbar issue on Pale Moon. No more need to use the "old findbar". :)
  • @ChoGGi , very strange. Yesterday I wrote that the new version fixed the issue in Pale Moon 27 . But today to my surprise the issue still exist (tested on a clean Pale Moon profile).

    Maybe by mistake I yesterday tested it on a waterfox profile instead of a Pale Moon 27 profile.

    So meanwhile in order to fix the search bar issue I'll be changing SC options to the OLD search bar.
  • Hmm, any errors in the console? (other than TypeError: this.browser.finder.requestMatchesCount is not a function)
  • there's also a JS log message : "No chrome package registered for chrome://itsalltext/content/API.js"
    This line appears also when choosing the OLD Findbar.
  • That always shows up, does the search bar show up and if so what happens when you type in it?
  • Getting a 404 for that image?
    If you don't have saved search text turned on then it'll say undefined when you first open the editor ( will fix that).
  • This was the screenshot I took immediately when the editor opened.
    Actually it only "looks" bad (no green find button) but the functionality IS ok. Why ? because after overwriting the "undefined" with a search term it works fine.
  • Yes, fixed it.
    Still i can't take out the green find button but it's not important. Everything is fine for me.
    Again, many thanks choggi for taking the time to respond and fix. :)
  • The "New" search uses find as you type, the old doesn't (there isn't a find button for "New").
  • When opening SC Customize window the Find button is displayed. But when closin SC Customize window it's gone...
    As I said, the NEW findbar works now fine so it's not so important to me.
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