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I created Stylish in 2005 and in 2006 and it's been a life-changing experience. Having millions of people use something I created is amazing. However, after 10 years, my interest in the project has waned and other things both on- and off-line are taking up my time. At this point, I feel that in order to keep Stylish and going and reaching their full potential, I need to pass the leadership role on to someone else.

I have chosen Justin Hindman as the next leader of Stylish and I'll let Justin introduce himself, but I believe Justin has the ability and desire to move the project forward. To make this switch as smooth as possible for the community, I will continue to provide support and advice during the transition period.

I would like to thank all those who contributed to the project, whether it be those who contributed code to and Stylish, those who posted their styles for others to use, those who spread the word, or anyone else who helped along the way. This wouldn't have been possible without you, and I wish you all the best in the future.


  • Thanks Jason. It's an honor to be a part of this amazing product and community. I'm looking forward to start working and will be sharing with you guys my ideas and dreams for Stylish in the coming weeks. I'll need all the help I can get, so don't be shy with comments or suggestions!
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    @JasonBarnabe Sad to hear but understandable.

    I wish you the best of luck for you and what you may end up doing next.
    (maybe you have more interesting projects planned for the world? )

    Godspeed and thank you for Stylish!

    @Justin Hindman Nice to meet you and Welcome to the community =)
  • Thanks Kurim! Good to be here :)
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    Jason. Aaah, the pieces of the puzzle fall into place. I for one am feeling so relieved at reading this, as I have had quiet questioning thoughts regarding the lack of your presence here in the last 6 months or so. I'm so happy for you , as I know the things that are important change as we grow older, and I wish you the best in life always. Thank you so much for all you have done here over the last ten years!

    Justin Hindman. Welcome! I've seen a little of you here already. I love your profile pic, and am looking forward to seeing your vision and ideas for Stylish!
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    Who? He's not the guy who drove userscripts into the ground, is he?

    ... So, is Tyler McScreenshot part of the package? Has anyone seen him in the last ten weeks?

    ... Oh, Jason has a new Mac! (No more Ubuntu - yay!)
  • Can't you just be supportive to Jason this one time when he's actually leaving us?
  • He's leaving? Is that what he said?
  • How active he'll be once the transition period is over is entirely up to him but reading as how 10 years is a good run & having other online and offline things to deal with I'm not expecting him to be around, maybe you read it differently.

    I'm fine with whatever he decides to do my issue was you not showing him a shred of support as he's moving on and leaving his (baby) project to someone that he believes in.
  • Oh, you so cuddly! Why ever do you hide your feminine side?

    Hmm, what did I read? I read that Jason's lost interest in US.O & Stylish (not news) and now has other, interesting things to do. (Not only Greasy Fork scutwork [1] [2], but Mac-worthy things.)

    I also read that Justin of unknown provenance will be taking point. Naturally I'm curious. He doesn't appear to be a contributor to either Stylish [3] [4] or Userstyles [5]; perhaps he's someone else at Github [6].

    Justin hasn't posted any styles [7], isn't (yet) a forum admin [8], nor has he posted to the forum before today [9]. Very strange - how has Calico "seen a little of [him] here already" [10]? (Did you blank his forum history, Calico? [11] [screenshot] Meow meow MEOW! MEOW!)

    I read that Jason will "continue to provide support and advice during the transition period," and I believe it. Greasy Fork is still ad-free with almost as much traffic as Userstyles [12] [13], so the two are still joined at the hip. He's made no similar announcement at Greasy Fork, so he's only "leaving" Greasy/styles in the sense that he's appointed an adjutant to pick up the slack here.

    tl;dr? (1) Jason's less "gone" than he was yesterday. (2) We're still waiting for that introduction. (3) Did Tyler McScreenshot elope with Carmen Sandiego or what?

    "Support" is not "feels", it's action. The clock ran out on support yesterday. ("But yeah, pass me a piece of cake. What did we get him? A plaque!? How lame.")
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  • More good detective work ruined by Bing. Google knows.
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    Mmm, those are images. Maybe this:

    There does seem to be something amiss with with Bing/Yahoo. F'rinstance, 90 Yahoo results for
    vs 2250 Google results. Maybe it's just this site.

    In any case Calico's not off her rocker, she really did remember this guy. (I've been concerned ever since that "crocodile eating a bird" glyph appeared in her moniker. "Eating a bird" seeems cat-like, but "crocodile"...?)

    ... "Views" still aren't incrementing. Was the forum updated?
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    ...(I've been concerned ever since that "crocodile eating a bird" glyph appeared in her moniker. "Eating a bird" seems cat-like, but "crocodile"...?)

    It's a Gator, chomp chomp...

  • Ohhh, an alligator - well that's different, isn't it? (And now I'm worried again.)
  • Why? Are you a Georgia or FSU fan?
  • What? Football? Tigers. "Football"? Crimson.
  • I'll have to make a note of that.
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    I just wanted thanks much for Stylish np, not that I'm on the forums much anymore...
    I still use Stylish daily :)


    Edit: Oh yes, welcome Justin
  • ^ what he said (hi, ChoGGi!). Thanks and welcome!
  • (Hey makondo, hows it hanging?)
  • Having been a user of Stylish for so long, I do have a slightly-vested interest in knowing what goes on behind the curtain, and this seems like some (potentially) good stuff is going on there.

    Hopefully Stylish doesn't turn completely to caca with this leadership change. Steer the boat right Justin!
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    Yikes! The damned thing just transmogrified!

    With no public members. (Int'l man of mystery.)
  • thank JasonBarnabe and welcome Justin Hindman
  • Uh, Cap'n, can you say a few words to the crew before she sinks?

    (This is Xul's fault for jinxing you.)

    Agreed. We've gotten used to being mostly ignored by Jason, but introducing yourself, then breaking both websites (presumably during the transfer) and not even acknowledging it (or commenting at all) for a week, does not make for the best first impression.

    Deleting your forum history also looks shady. Whatever you were trying to get rid of is probably not as bad as my imagination.

    None of that will matter much if you start effecting positive change. Releasing the bugfix for Chrome that Jason has been holding hostage for months would be a nice gesture requiring very little effort. I don't really use the feature personally, but it's getting ridiculous explaining to people that it's still broken because nobody cares enough to take a few minutes to update the extension.

    Jason has always been a very cool guy and he'll definitely be missed, but he's already been a ghost around here for quite a while. The bar has been set pretty low lately, you shouldn't be tripping over it on your way in.
  • OMG, you sold it, didn't you Jason? The site was moved to Amazon Web Services, the domain name was transferred and the new owner hidden behind a shell (, the repositories were transferred to a commercial Github account with no public-facing members.
  • Hope they weren't paying for the styles/click-bait, because they've butchered the majority of them in the process. The new corporate overlords suck so far.
  • Since nobody seems to want to give any explanation for this shit-show, maybe we'd have better luck complaining here:
  • Is it time to backup our styles?
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    It's definitely time to turn off updates. It may be too late for anything you've updated since this started (ca. Oct 6 14.51Z).
  • Oh boy !!!! [-O<

    Sad to see such mess ! Few days ago I see the site was down but I just said to myself "It's something that can happen" but now I know why.

    I just see this: on Reddit, a little bit shocked 8-}

    The good news is that I backup my computer everyday and my style are inside the BCK and moreover I even backup them one time per month as CSS files only with Stylish Mooded.

    It definitely look suspicious IMO but my understanding from the first Jason post was that he sold the whole "things" and will help the new guy for the transition.

    But "no news" is bad news this time sadly !

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