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I REALLY want to use this style however you haven't even linked the original banner, it just gives an option to choose your own, it's troublesome for those who can't be bothered or know the right dimensions to make a banner to match this style, looking at the screenshots it looks amazing, too bad I can't install it because of the banner options, as it wont let me install without 'choosing one'.

Solution 1: Either delete the options feature or bloody add the original one as an option, that's how options work you need to add at least one before adding the feature to let others choose their own.

Need any help with your drop down options look at ALL of this.


I've been waiting ages for you to either fix it or someone to point it out nowt has happened so here I am. Help a chrome user out let us use your hard work i'll be waiting for a fix :D


  • 'Sup Rahimichi, I removed the banner option, it should be okay now !
  • Much better, just a few bugs left.
    1. Remove the footer as that will clear up and close up that huge space.
    2. Remove that box next to the video player, the one that says "login to see links" as it overrides onto the video box.
    3. Center the items in the video box area buttons etc
    4. Remove junk stuff like those "like me boxes" in homepage.

    Extras ask Kurim for his anti Ad/kAdguard code for that annoying ad detection https://userstyles.org/styles/103632/kissanime-project-abe

    This style looks amazing! keep up the great work
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