The future of Stylish for Firefox



  • As long as you focus on Chromium -- that from which Chrome is built -- since it's not evil by design. Tolerate not Privacy Rape.
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    Hi Stylish forum.

    Formerly (old Stylish), through custom key from about:config (Firefox), the Userstyles List could be deployed as a Sidebar panel, or as a separate window.
    Currently, it can be done?

  • Personally very angry about them doing this, but hopefully the forks will continue to make sense & work how they should. Cyberfox is way better anyway. Without xul and the fact most of my dealbreaker addons would break, I'd never use any variant & am worried this may be the end of Firefox in general, since what keeps most people using it are most of the addons available & the control we get. Without tree-style tabs, I would have no desire to even use the internet. I'm more worried about developers of these awesome extensions going away & no longer developing for the forks at least. I understand Stylish would be available but I'm worried updates wont happen, and if new features do in fact get added, that we wouldn't get them due to less people using Firefox or variants of it. What is the plan for us? Since Mozilla is making this horrible decision that will kill them, do the rest of us just get ignored since we're not as many users? Really hope not. I rely on Stylish to protect my eyes. I also enjoy the ability to make hideous sites not so ugly....
  • well this was bound to happen - as oligarchization of the economy worsens, small developers have no choice but to conform with the standards set by crooks, compounded with the appointment of asian lesbian emo as the president of Firefox and new generations of developers not being taught liberal creativity, all in all this renders Userstyles redundant, a trove of utter trash, till the next economic reset...
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    How is Gecko-forked projects like Cyberfox, Waterfox, and Pale Moon is "outdated"?
  • As a complete utter noob, I made all my simple styles on chrome stylish, I went to the firefox one to just test out the stylish there and it was rubbish, well I didn't really try using it fully but the firefox just looked horrid.
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