Any plans to address the pop-up ads that have started?

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The main reason I decided to use this was because of those stupid pop-ups, hoping it would get rid of them. I don't mind the other ads too much, but pop-ups are my limit. The pop-ups don't seem to be safe either. I think they appear every 30-ish minutes when the screen is clicked.


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    I'll def look into this & try to make sure there's no need for another extension to deal with those popups.

    But in case I fail (css nuking options are a bit limited) then uBlock Origin is a not too shabby piece of software that takes out those bad boys without any issues (that's why I sometimes miss when KA puts new crap in)
    uBlock Origin on Chrome:

    Edit: holy shit batballs that 'Sound, NewTab, TabLock, 18+' popup is disgusting!

    SHAME KissAnime ! SHAME !

    Dude, regardless if I figure this out or not; install a adblocker.
    The fact that chrome support team recommends you to virus scan your computer to resolve 'ad popup' issues means Chrome doesn't block *** and you need an actual, proper protection NOW.

    I know it might not be much use to you but if you really don't want to use a adblocker then you can with Firefox configure it (about:config --> dom.popup_allowed_events) to automatically block ALL popups and instead be provided with a discrete option to display the popup.
  • All right, thanks for the response! I ended up using uBlock and it seems to work perfectly so far. I've heard of others getting viruses/malware from these ads. Nothing on my computer yet, luckily.
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    Its not just kissanime site only, seems this new pop up has spread due to openload and players openload being the main culprit, so annoying that they are using javascript ads, SHAME SHAME MAJOR SHAME they are too much for me to deal with on my styles, since stylish is limited with it. the only thing I can do for my users is recommend pop up blockers, however if you figure it out share with me as it will help me too, peace.
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    It is unfortunate that Stylish was written purely for html/markup-styling and thus cannot handle scripts or flash/misc-resources.

    It's fully possible for Jason to extend the addon but I don't see him having any plans like that, instead for javascript he has YesScript (which we can't use on ka because of the 5 sec load/redirect-script).

    So our best route is ad and/or popup-blocking software to deal with this bullshit ka is pulling.

    You could also shoot down scripts with Grease/Tampermonkey but then you're putting extra crap on users unless you feel like converting your work or run the extra mile and transform it into an fully featured addon.

    As for doing it the Stylish route, you can black out the popup but sound will still play, there's another route that ive used in the past which Ive ended up calling "super select" but it's tedious work that I can't do on a semi-functional brain but in short; you tell your userstyle to only load content that you've specifically targeted, this should, in pratice block out javascript and other bullshit that you don't want to show up.
  • I don't have enough knowledge to turn it into a full on addon, I'm using a very effective pop up blocker now which was recommended to me however it breaks a lot of other websites so you need to whitelist a lot, super-select sounds great but it would be way too much work, and i'm guessing they would change things as soon as they see something blocked from loading.

    And yeah I really cant be bothered going over to tapermonkey to add that extra work that can block these JS ads from loading, due to lack of time and various reasons, I wish someone over there would adapt my work over here, over there instead lol.
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