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    Try this from my Dropbox Here
    As a side note, I gave up coding for Nightly, too many bugs at this point. I'm sticking with the stable Release version for now.
  • Does the same. Might have to do with the Remove focus option which i have set to True 'cause otherwise it overwrites selected stuff when you insert (multi-lines) text. Oh well, thanks anyway.
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    tried the 48.03 from your dropbox, what bugs its meant to fix? not seeing any changes
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    Fixed a bug for the Insert Color button function.
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    ok, wasnt following that bug issue but yea it work now

    so what say you about codemirror theme important tags?

    recall back with Stylish Custom there was a custom themes option. Would you be amenable to the idea of adding a new option to the settings menu, that just removes important tags from the codemirror themes & one or two additonal from your dark theme, have only looked at that css just now to confirm textboxes remain as they were as theyre important. Obviously if the settings user selectable itd keep changes isolated from your light/dark themes & codemirror stylesheets as they currently are
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    Sonny will you be posting 48.0.4 soon, been a fortnight since you mentioned it

    edit: issue with profile, qn removed

    also still hoping for an answer to my previous qn
  • No, it's been 2 weeks. Did something happen to 4804?
  • Was waiting for 48.0.3 to post on AMO, that I uploaded about 3 or 4 weeks ago, before uploading 48.0.4. Seems they are taking their time.
  • A fortnight is two weeks.
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    Correct (i read it as 'forthnight' image).

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    can you post a link to your 04 version (dropbox?) 'cause it's a pain not to be able to save changes w/out closing style or copying the whole code.
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    Been lazy lately. The weather in high 80,s and 90's. Grand kids love the pool, but need to be watched. Replaced pool pump, food waste disposal and installed ceiling fan for my bedroom. Not to mention the normal stuff. Getting too old for this!
  • thanks
  • Thanks, Sonny, works again!
    Are you still in Nevada? I thought you'd be in Mexico this time of the year.
  • Just bought this house, in Las Vegas, several months ago, for my my kids. Was built in 2008 and retains all original accessories. Some things needed replacing and added other things. Almost completed and will finish out the summer here then head back to Veracruz for the winter.
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    hey Sonny, with my earlier suggestion/request for a custom theme toggle to disable important tags in codemirror.css, its fine to consider that later. The workarounds not too difficult to explain, and most SEM users shouldnt regard it a hassle. Id word it more or less like this

    - first close the profile & goto the profile extensions SEM folder
    - open the codemirror.css in a local editor like notepad++
    - first make a duplicate of the file in a new page (only required once)
    - then to the original, use the find/replace tool to replace all "!important;" tags with ";"
    - save it back to the extensions folder & reopen the profile (required after each update)
    - then copy the duplicate into a new style & save it disabled. (only required once)

    so users can toggle the original editor theme settings back on when custom themes are disabled
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    Not using Stylish/SEM now but just tested the Bold/Italic/Cursive
    Custombutton Formatted Text Generator
    retrieve from here
    it inserts into the Stylish Editor (and Name Title Bar), even when wrapped in comments /**/
    but ONLY if in the Standard Mode (NOT codemirror). Cool.

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    This is in Code Mirror, but button not necessary to format with CB. You can use css for .CodeMirror .cm-comment {color: yellow !important; font-weight: bold !important; etc... }
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    That's how SEM window looking for me when I'm trying to create a new style or edit an old one. I'm talking not only about size of the window, also all fields are empty and CodeMirror doesn't work.
    Reinstalling of the addon doesn't help.
    Upd: Sorry, this is the problem of Stylish, not SEM, but I still can't find a solution for it.
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  • Sonny,
    i get errors for line 516 and 997 (Nightlies).
    I believe i've already told you that and i think you said you know,has to do with nightly?
  • Stylish Editor Modified:
    Where is the addon for firefox now ?
  • In the trash can ...

    If you need a copy, i can PM you a link to mine.
  • Thanks :
    Sonny post addons for PaleMoon here:
    Stylish Editor Modified....
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    My last version of Stylih Editor MOD signed,
    for user which can't found it (Sonny deleted it):

    I renamed it to .zip (The forum don't want .xpi).
    So to use it:
    Change the .zip to .xpi and drag it into Firefox window to install it...
    Unzip/ Open it to find the StylishEditorModified{48.0.4}.xpi.
    Drag it on the firefox to install it ....

    Stylih Editor MOD signed description:

    Stylish Editor Modified
    Version : 48.0.4
    Par : Sonny Razzano

    Problem: this version don't show the search field (you need to use CTRL + F)

    Backup done with :
    FEBE (Firefox Environment Backup Extension)
    CLEO (Compact Library Extension Organizer)
  • PS:
    Repost to the right topic (thanks Makondo!)

    Somebody have the signed version of SEM with the search function activated - without the need to make ctrl+F ?

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    You need Sonny's Findbar Fix ext. for that. Wait and see if he'll post it, otherwise i'll post a link to my dropbox (last version was 42.0a1) tomorrow.
  • Findbar Fix:
    Used for the Standard Mode of Editor and need to use Ctrl + f when using Code Mirror Mode.
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