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At first, sorry for my perfect english. After reinstalling windows, i set this style and discovered that i can't make scrubber button empty inside anymore (as at 2 lowest exsamples on screenshot), and i really miss it. Help.


  • I've just finished updating the style to bring this back as an option. Simply update the style, changing 'scrubber button colour' to dark grey. :) Hope that helps!
  • Everything is nice but where did the boarders gone?
  • I'm not sure exactly what you mean, as I don't use the glow version myself (I use the solid colour one). I've re-added part of the code which MIGHT fix your problem, but I'm not certain. Let me know if it does or doesn't work!
  • Yep, its working with glow version, but i wanted same borders of scrubber in solid style. (Borders of chosen color, pink in my case).
  • Hey, sorry for the late response. I've been busy lately! I've had a look to see what you mean, but I'm afraid I probably won't be adding the borders to the solid style.
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