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Hello, guys I have worked on a stylish code that helps me clear up many of nonsense that is on www.anilinkz.tv it is a great website but I have been having problems in trying to stop or hide the 5-10 second timer that you need to wait through to watch any video, it gets tedious as its on every video and if you refresh the page you have to wait again, this wait box is normally used for Ads but since I block it all and the ad doesn't show up but the timer still remains, and thus users still need to wait 5 minutes each time, I have tried hiding the timer etc but I have failed in doing so. I was wondering if anyone here can help me out by finding the offending code and then sharing examples of successfully removing it and stopping the website from making you wait 5-10 seconds on every video.


  • This isn't a CSS/Stylish issue. Add this Adblock filter:


    My syntax isn't always perfect, but it works for what you're trying to accomplish.
  • @anagrammar thanks ana, you helped me last time too, thanks for the fast reply :)
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    Will it be possible if you make another ad-block syntax for - e.g. http://anilinkz.tv/gate-jieitai-kanochi-nite-kaku-tatakaeri-enryuu-hen-episode-5?src=5

    Every video on that site that clicks on the "bakavideo" source video has a 10 second AD window appear, I tried to get rid of it with CSS but wasn't able to.

  • This time it's a CSS fix:
    @-moz-document domain("bakavideo.tv") {
    In Chrome you should be able to click "import", paste, select "append" and save. I don't think I've ever used "append", so save a backup first or just add the new section yourself.
  • Argh all this time I was thinking why it wasn't working, it was such a simple mistake haha I applied the .trevada no display to anilinkz domain rather than bakavideo.tv and that's why the damn thing didn't go away.

    Thanks again!
  • Hello, to whoever spots this, I am running into a new problem with a different video source, for the most part I was able to get rid of all the ad-block warnings using my userstyle, however every time I click on this video player a pop up opens, sometimes ad-block may stop them however other times it lets it through when the link is secure.

    The problem is annoying because it jump clicks and pops open a window, and I cant find the offending code.

    Here is a link to the source http://anilinkz.tv/koutetsujou-no-kabaneri-episode-9?src=3

    the video player is called openload or oLoad for short, the domain is openload.co

    if possible can someone help me with the code to stop the pop ups. if it is css based.

  • For the most part, popups aren't CSS. Occasionally you can remove an element which initiates the popup when clicked, but not usually.

    Openload is relentless with their anti-adblock campaign. Even if you fixed it, they'll use a different technique within a week or two. Ublock actually injects their own little anti-anti-adblock script for openload which has worked for quite a while now.

    With Ublock alone, the popups open a new tab briefly before closing automatically. Still annoying. Probably depends on your subscriptions as well.

    You need a popup blocker. https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/javascript-popup-blocker/hiajdlfgbgnnjakkbnpdhmhfhklkbiol is decent and works for openload. Poper blocker may be the most efficient without breaking stuff, but they recently started tracking users.

    I use https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/betterpopupblocker-2/dkehgapnhfhohfhalnnelmefnappjoao?hl=en which has never allowed a single popup on any of the sleazy sites I frequent, but will also break functionality on lots of sites. You either need to frequently whitelist, or run in blacklist mode.
  • @anagrammar Argh I had a feeling they would be one of them annoying players, the ads really are evolving, oh well I cant be fussed playing cat and mouse.

    Also ill give them blockers a shot, thanks for the links, Ahhh I wish they were just a typical player and it was just a normal css issue.

    and yeah with ad-block alone the pop ups open but automatically close before fully loading, if its ''spammy'' only the secured links sometimes go through, but still really grates me.
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    Oh my word these new pop up ads for stream moe sMoe, and openload are disgusting, even some buttons have it, damn i thought I stopped the ads for abit but now oload stops playing if adblocks on annoying but they are too evolved for me. I rarely use the sites anyway.
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