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About: YouTube - Custom colors video progress bar
when you hover on the progress bar it gives red, but when you hover on the circle it gives cyan, can you make it follow the color cyan? sorry for sh*tty explanation, hope the screen shot helps


  • I haven't experienced this issue myself, which makes it harder to identify. However, I think I may have it solved.. I've put out an update which should hopefully fix it - let me know if it doesn't. Thanks!
  • i think i know what triggered the bug, it's because i am using another userstyle on my yt which the youtube -dark grey, any suggestion sir for me to somehow fix this?
  • I've installed the script you're using and had a look, and I see your issue. The problem is that both styles are trying to set the background-color of the same element at the same time. What seems to work for me is updating my progress bar theme AFTER installing or updating the dark YouTube theme, as it seems to give priority to the most recently updated style. However, if that doesn't work, you can go into the dark theme, then find and remove the following text:


    Though you will have to do this again every time you update the style in future, which may be a bit annoying, but I think it should work. Let me know if it doesn't!
  • thanks! it worked!
  • Awesome! :)
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