Way to replace a whole stylesheet?

I am trying to restyle certain forums on Television Without Pity, but am running into some trouble. There are two things I want to do:
1. Only restyle certain forums
2. Load a different, ready-made stylesheet.

Each forum on the site has its own stylesheet (or at least there are a number of them, for a number of different colour schemes that the site has). They are of the form "http://forums.televisionwithoutpity.com/style_images/css_x.css". What I am trying to do is either load up a different stylesheet when x = certain numbers that I don't like, or load/@import a specific stylesheet depending on the url, but on further review, there isn't really a way to do it per url, unless I was to add each thread into a style, which of course is preposterous.

In the meantime, I copied the entire stylesheet into a stylish and turn on/off as needed, but this seems like a horrid hack and doesn't really accomplish what I want in any event.

Could anyone help?


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    Yeah, I think you're out of luck with a user style. What you could do is create a user script that only does the styling based on certain criteria.
  • You could, also, use a "Custom Button"; my "Easy Reader" button could be modified to do this. It'd support three styles, as is. Also, you could either add access keys support to increase that to 17 or a drop down to increase it to, almost, unlimited.

    An alternative, which might be better if you're always making the same replacements, may be to use a HOSTS file.
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