Move buttons or menu to the application title-bar?

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I know, this one is hard and perhaps can't be done (at least without a 3rd-party-app):

Is it possible to move the firefox-menu or some buttons to the application-title bar? (To there, where usually the website-title appears).
Like in Songbird!
It would save so much space... and look much prettier.

thanks! Zak


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    No. App title bar is not part of the application at all, it is part of the operating system GUI.
  • Thats right, of course.
    But it could be possible to hide the OS App-Bar, and replace its functions inside the app, perhaps on the menu bar. I thinks thats the way songbird does it:

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    Yes, it's in the GUI API to spawn a window canvas without a titlebar and its controls.

    To do that to Firefox is still way outside the scope of Stylish, of course. You'd need to write an extension to thusly overlay browser.xul (I think)
  • Ok, thanks! I cant do it for myself, but i will try to convince others to do it :-)

    Could the removing of the app-bar done with stylish? It shouldn't be that hard, even a pop-up on the web can do it. But with JavaScript of course, not with css, do im not sure, if it could be one with stylish.
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    Posted By: zakoonCould the removing of the app-bar done with stylish?
    No, not with CSS. So not with Stylish.

    I'm not sure about manipulating the application container GUI (titlebar, scrollbars, window border) after a window is spawned, via JS. Clearly, when you spawn a "popup" via JS, you are creating a new instance of a new window, and BEFORE it opens, you are giving it the parameters for what widgets the dialog window is meant to include.

    That's different from manipulation after creation.
  • Thanks for the explanations!
    I think, I have to try to find some people, who have an interest in this modification and who are more skilled than me :-)
  • I just created a small cut-together of this idea for another forum. Thought I share this here, too, perhaps someone like the idea:
    Free Image Hosting at
  • zakoon,

    I believe you can accomplish what you want using a combination of the 'Autohide' extension at

    and the customize capability of Firefox to rearrange icons to different toolbars.

    I use Autohide to eliminate the the Windows taskbar. You can also hide the statusbar at the bottom of the screen
    until you mouse-over it. Go to the link below for an example of my setup. The two toolbars shown are the only ones
    appearing in my theme.
  • "Use Autohide at your own risk!"


    At least they're Zappa fans...
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